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This is a short blog about a word. Well – two words in particular actually: ‘relation’ & ‘ship’.

The word relation is pretty straightforward as it describes the bond or association between things.

The word, ‘ship’ is a bit more complicated; – it has nothing to do with water-born, seagoing vessels. It is a suffix which is the derivative of an old English word meaning, “quality, condition, act, power, skill, office, position or relation between…” The Old English word was ‘sciepe’… In Middle English this became ‘schipe’. Anglian = scip. Dutch = schap. Proto-Germanic = skapaz (from skap) which means to create’. These are the same roots from which we get the words, ‘shape’, ‘sculpt’ etc. Examples of this suffix used in modern English are: lordship, craftsmanship, citizenship, fellowship, dictatorship, worship, ownership and more…  (scroll down to origin of ‘-ship’)

So essentially, when we use the word relationship we are speaking of a link that has been created or exists between two or more entities.

Among other things – I am a creative person. The song above is an offering I wrote about romantic love (eros) between a man and a woman (see previous post “A Word That Comes & Goes”). My wife was my muse and the subject for this song; I dedicate it to her. (Love you babe!)

Can you guess why it’s also called ‘Adam’s Song’? ANSWERS IN THE COMMENT SECTION.

Hope you enjoy guys. Let me know what you think.


17 Replies to “RELATION-SHIP(s)”

  1. Lyrical, song is fire !!!! This is blueprint for not only relationships but life itself! Feed the wisdom King! Bless you! 👊🏾❤️

    1. @ Nathan

      Welcome to the conversation…

      Thank you sir! Appreciate the love. Just trying to spread Love and represent myself in the best way I can y’know? Hopefully there’s more where that came from.

      Thank You For Your Comment.


  2. Hey Miikz,
    Thanks once again for sharing. Love your breakdown of the word, ‘relationship’. Interesting how it links to the words, ‘shape’ and ‘sculpt’. This is exactly what we should do (shape and sculpt) to nurture and sustain any relationship we are a part of. It certainly takes work!

    As for the track: loving this vibe, Miikz! Great concept too. Look forward to hearing more from you. Is there a musical project on the horizon? 😃

    1. @ Cal

      Hey Cal… Thanks bro. Yes, we certainly need to put effort into sustaining our relationships rather than letting them get overgrown or stifled by the unnecessary cares of life.

      As for a musical project – I have so much material in my head y’know? I’m not looking for a recording deal or anything like that. I just want to express myself musically. Whatever is on my heart must come out! I’m looking to record as much as I can with the resources available to me. Not looking to make any money from it to be honest. I want to offer my music for free.

      I’m not making music to become a millionaire, lol… Props to all of the professional artists musicians and producers out there. It must take huge amounts of focus, resilience and resolve to remain true to yourself while balancing the pressures of financial commitment and pure artistry.

      That being said, if you fancy a link up on something one day – hit me up bro! 😉

      Thanks once again for your continued support!


      1. Fantastic to hear, Miikz. Keep creating. You’re so right, it needs to come out. Let it flow. I hear your heart. As for a link up, that’s inevitable man!!!

  3. Thankful to God for the one I’m entrusted to. ❤ Great piece babe!
    Love it! Thank you.. 😍🎶👌💋 #sailing

    1. @ Wife aka Flesh Of My Flesh

      WOW!!! Thanks for joining the conversation. I’m sure people wonder if you even read my blogs, lol

      I’m glad you’re enjoying our journey together.

      Thank You!


  4. Hey Miikz

    What a wonderful creative gift you are flowing in right now.

    Enjoyed the song and the blog. Both entertaining and informative. Keep it up up! 😊 x

    1. @ C Mckenzie

      Appreciate it! Glad to know you guys are out there hearing my voice in this little corner of cyberspace, lol

      Thanks for your continued support.


  5. U in the zone now brother & U can’t do no wrong in my eyes. The song is brilliant & relevant with that memorable appeal & lyrics that are meaningful. Keep them coming.

    1. @ 24KaRatBlaC

      You have a critical spirit about you so if you like it – I’m surely on the right track, lol

      Yes – I need to stay earning so I can afford to go into the studio to create these… Where there’s a will – there’s surely a way brother.

      Thank You.


  6. Another great article. Interesting information on the roots of the word. And what a voice. I sense gospel training in there. Soulful brotherman.

    1. @ Obverse

      HA! Yes sir… Certainly some “Gospel” influences in there! 😉
      I hope to get some more musical pieces up here if my audience doesn’t mind…

      Thank You For Your Comment (as ever)


  7. Hi Mikz

    Enjoyed your track & blog & ditto all comments made above. Positive creativity must be shared & glad part of the audience 😁

    Did wifeee claim dibs on BVs ? 😉

    1. @ DeDe

      Hiya! Welcome to the conversation D…

      No, my Rib was not part of this production as it was written as a surprise for her. I plan to get her in on a future project though. I’ll keep everyone apprised of that development – IF I can get into the recording booth! lol 😀

      Thanks For Your Comment.


  8. Loved the article and absolutely loved the song.
    Keep going and keep creating some amazing music!


    1. @ Shanice

      HEY! Welcome to the conversation sis…

      For you – I will try to keep creating. D’you wanna do a duet with me? 😉

      Thanks You & Welcome. Please come again.


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