A moment on the lips; – a lifetime on the hips…

Most of us love a sweet taste. Be it ice cream, chocolate, biscuits or a simple hard boiled sweetie; – we seem to find it hard to resist the common denominator in these treats… SUGAR!

In recent years, sugar has had a hard time in the media. They say that ‘the love of sugar is the root of all evil’. Well no, actually that’s money, – my bad lol. Sugar is blamed for a host of health issues though; from obesity and hyperactivity in children; to diabetes, osteoporosis and even cancer. So what is the actual problem with these white, sweet-tasting, magic crystals? Let’s go back to science class for a moment…

Sugar is a type of carbohydrate. Your body needs carbohydrates in order to create energy.  When digested properly, it’s either used to immediate effect – or converted into fat and stored around the body and (organs) for safe keeping until needed. Straightforward so far? Stick a pin right there……

What’s the big deal about ‘WHOLEFOODS’?

Wholefoods are literally that; – a whole food opposed to a partial food. ‘Processed’ or ‘refined’ foods have undergone a process to get them to the state which you receive them in.  It would seem that the food industry was being a bit sneaky when they decided to call this processed food ‘refined’. The word ‘refine’ implies that the food has been enhanced in some way. We refine gold, silver and other metals in fire to make them purer… We refine alcohol, making it stronger by distillation… When we strain anything of its impurities or ‘bits’ (like water or freshly squeezed juice) – this is refining also. So what about food then?

Well actually – the food refining process does not enhance the food nutritionally as much as it enhances the logistics of the business. You see, what it does is removes key elements from the food, extending its shelf-life. This allows the food to be transported along greater distances without going bad; – also, the food can sit on the shelf for longer, until they’re sold (see here).


Take white flour for example… White flour is refined whereas ‘wholewheat’ flour is not. Wheat is made up of three key components: bran, germ and endosperm. It is harvested and then sent through a process called ‘milling’.  White flour is the finely ground, endosperm portion of the wheat kernel. Removing the bran removes the fibre content from the flour, leaving it white. Removing the ‘germ’ takes away the nutrition of the wheat. The germ is the nucleus. It’s the reproductive part of the grain that ‘germinates’ and grows into the full plant. Wheatgerm is a concentrated source of several essential nutrients including Vitamin E, folate (folic acid), phosphorus, thiamin, zinc, and magnesium, as well as essential fatty acids and fatty alcohols. It’s the wheatgerm that causes rapid breakdown once the wheat has been harvested.


Refined white or brown sugar is not a wholefood. Sugar is removed from the juice of sugar cane (or sugar beets) by crushing the cane first, before heating it to the point that the crystalised residue is left behind; – this is what we call sugar. So why is it a problem? Well – what’s in sugar cane juice?

Nutritionally, sugar cane juice contains potassium, sodium and calcium. Unfortunately, these vitamins and minerals are completely lost during the ‘refinement’ process. That packet of sugar has absolutely ZERO nutritional value other than carbohydrate (see here). Interestingly enough potassium, sodium and calcium all play a major role in digestion.

Now here’s the wonderful thing about Creation (or nature) – everything seems to be perfect, by design. That piece of sugar cane you ate has the exact nutritional components needed within itself for your body to digest it. Your body is even more awesome. It recognises food types and creates the optimum environment for digestion and total absorption; releasing  various enzymes and hormones – exactly what it needs to make it happen. Your body, the most efficient machine on the face of the earth will always do what it must.


You eat a delicious, original glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut. As you take that first bite; your mouth springs water as your teeth connect and the gorgeous, soft, sweet pastry hits the roof of your mouth – and swirls around like an amazing, taste-tumble-dryer. The sugar in the glaze and in the highly refined white flour begins to be digested in the mouth by alkaline enzymes and then hits the stomach where little to no digestion occurs, due to the acidic environment. As it touches your small intestine, the alkaline environment activates digestion again as it travels along the length of it and moves through to your large intestine. (See carbohydrate digestion)

In all of this – where are the vitamins & minerals that are needed? Your delicious doughnut does not contain the potassium, sodium or calcium needed to break down the sugar in it. So what happens? Does your body not bother with it then? Does the sugar magically digest itself? Make no mistake; – your body is a beast at making light work of hard tasks. It still knows how much minerals it needs to digest the amount of sugar you have ingested and does provide them; but from where? YOUR BODY – that’s where!!!

Do you believe that osteoporosis, brittle bone syndrome and other calcium deficient illnesses are caused by not drinking enough milk? Really?? I offer you this theory…

You spend your life indulging in candies, sweet desserts and pastries, as well as gorging on sugary drinks. You don’t look after your teeth that well either. At 75yrs old you find yourself hunch-backed, on a bus with a walking stick and a mouth full of fillings/false teeth. Now you could argue that it is normal to grow old – and bone-thinning and muscle atrophy is just part of the ageing process. While it is normal to grow old (obviously), are we not products of what we eat?

Ernestine Shepherd – 81yrs old Guiness World Record holder
Annette Larkins – 75yrs old Raw vegan.

I challenge the notion that we must get bone disease and other chronic illnesses as part of our ageing process. As of 2 weeks ago, I have been eating just 1 meal a day – in the evenings. I have consumed NO JUNK FOODS, and no sugary drinks.

Senior woman eating raw, wholefoods
Active senior woman

I have lost 7.1kgs in 16 days with no exercise. I want this to be a lifestyle change and not just a fad diet. It’s so easy to pendulum-swing from diet to diet and go up and down in weight. At this stage I honestly feel as if I can sustain my 1 meal a day; – guess why??? NO SUGAR!!! Apparently sugar is responsible for those hardcore hunger pangs and cravings we all feel from time to time. Whether that’s true – I don’t know but I’ll tell you what; I go through the whole day eating nothing until the evening time. I drink around 4 litres of water throughout the day and have a GOOD meal in the evening. I HONESTLY DON’T FEEL BAD! I thought it would be way too difficult but once you get through 2 days; it gets easier and easier until it becomes normal life. You start off depending on willpower and then your body takes over because you feel no urge for food until the sun goes down…

My advice to you, (my beautiful readership) is this – consider cutting out all added sugar for just 7 strict days and see what effects you can feel in your mind & body. (see my blog, FOOD, FOOD, FOOD!)

If you are gonna give it a shot with me – leave me a comment below and we can trade secrets and techniques… All the best!


12 Replies to “OH SUGAR!”

  1. Brilliant work again Miikz.
    Informative, balanced and concise!
    Life giving posts like these will last the test of time, as you’re giving actual facts.
    Eating one meal a day is one of the keys to eating to live, as are the giving up of other poisonous foods and liquids that we are urged to consume.
    Keep it up Miikz, we need to counteract the banditry.

    1. @ Uncle Kof

      YES! The banditry needs to be counteracted indeed! I’m doing my bit.

      Thanks For Your Support Sir!


  2. Brilliant article! In a few years we will hopefully be looking at sugar in the same way as tobacco. It truly is bad stuff. It has sneaked its way into most processed food as it is highly addictive, it’s a money maker for businesses. For me the worst culprit is the children’s food market, most food items targeted at children contain large amounts of sugar! And it’s sold to them while they innocently go about their daily business. Getting them hooked while they are young.

    Well done with your food challenge. The body is an amazing thing. We need to reprogram our minds from what we have been sold nutritionally for the last few decades. Not easy with a modern lifestyle, but not insurmountable as you are proving. Keep us posted with your progress! Xxx

    1. @ Mrs T

      Hmmm… I like the idea of seeing sugar as tobacco. It’s so strange – I feel as if I’ve been emancipated from sugar-slavery! lol
      It’s only been a couple of weeks and people can actually see a physical difference in me.

      It is terrible that children are targeted by food industries. The sugars, the colours etc – all very alluring to the young eye. Awful. We need more advocates against this like Jamie Oliver. I can’t believe there isn’t more legislation in place to protect them; – makes you wonder if there is any money involved between food industry businesses and the Food Standards Agency.

      I shall certainly keep you guys updated on my diet change by commenting on this post.

      Thank You For Your Comment!


  3. Nice detailed piece teacher Miikz! No minerals… nada to benefit me with ‘refined sugar’. I should chew on sugar cane for goodness sake lol. But i’m not in Jamaica so I don’t do as I should.

    Good Read. Keep up these posts! Will see you on This Morning Show guestspeakers someday 🙂

    1. @ Melissa

      lolol… HA! Yes, you never know – though I’m probably not visually their cup of tea!

      Sugar cane – wow, could do with some now; – that takes me back. Honestly though, it’s amazing how we try to undo a lifetime’s worth of bad habits in a matter of weeks. That’s why we yo-yo… So far so good on my part!

      Thanks For Your Comment And Welcome To The Conversation!


  4. I’m trying to transform me & my family, one Miikz post at a time….!!

    What I LOVE about your posts are the evidence-based facts that I can refer to (when challenged by the wife & kid!!).

    Not sure I can do the 1-meal-a-day thing though! 🙂
    Peace & Luv

    1. @ Audz

      Welcome to the conversation mate! I take it you’re one of the many silent readers I have? lol 😉

      Yes, I must say that I don’t like presenting anything but factual information. If it’s not factual, I will usually try to point that out and present it as I found it, or make it clear that it’s my (or someone else’s) opinion. That being said, I appreciate your comment, and please feel free to research the info I present, for yourself so you can build your own opinion too!

      Thank You For Your Comment!


  5. Love this my g! Have you cut out all sugars inc natural sugars found in ehokefoods or just refined sugar?

    1. @ Hanif

      Hey Bro!

      Thanks for joining us… So yeah – regarding sugar, I have cut it out. If it’s been added then it’s got to go. Naturally occurring sugar in fruits for example – I don’t mind. I just don’t want to eat any refined/added sugar if it’s not naturally occurring in it’s original form and location. It’s crazy how different you feel after just a few days.


      1. I hear you bro last time I went on a healthy binge I juiced for quite a while and not only feel physically healthier than I’d felt for a long time as well as crazy amounts of energy but mentally my brain was sharper than I could ever remember. Shame I couldn’t keep it up for longer that’s the hard part

        1. @ Hanif

          YES!!! The maintenance is the tricky bit. We live a certain way all our lives and then expect to undo 30, 40, 50yrs of damage in a few weeks. It’s so unrealistic. The expectation that some of these fad diets gives us is crazy! These dietary regimes, exercise programs, equipment and machinery – even pills and certain foods/shakes all sell us dreams. The results are akin to magic – as a result we are sold!

          That’s why I’m trying to make this change a permanent one rather than just a couple weeks change. We’ll see. I’m going to introduce exercise this week as well coz I definitely don’t get enough.

          Thank You For Your Comments Bro & Welcome To The Conversation!

          ONLY. ONE. MIIKZ.

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