What is this?!

NEGROLAND – that’s what.

So the landmass now known as “Africa” was once called Negroland according to Emanuel Bowen, the cartographer that made the above map in 1747. He was not the originator of this name. There were earlier maps drawn that depict Negroland differently. This earlier map by Hermon Moll (a cartographer from London), shows the European settlements that existed there in 1729 and splits them up by ownership.

The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was in full swing at this point; – over 100 years of human trafficking/slave trading was underway. Negroland was the land that these slaves were imported from; – the people were called “Negroes”.

But who were these Negroes and where did they come from?

Well, their origins are somewhat surprising…

According to Wikipedia (if you believe them) the Jews’ historical homeland of Jerusalem was sieged by Roman General (soon to be Emperor) Titus in 70AD. Jewish slaves were captured and made to settle across the northern territories of Rome, in Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco (among others). SEE HERE.

However not ALL of the Jews were captured and killed. The migration that is illustrated in the map below is an over-simplification and occurred over a period of several centuries; – from 70AD until 1619AD and beyond.

At the time of the final Roman siege on Jerusalem in 70AD, many Jews managed to escape. They flooded into neighbouring lands – many went southwest into Egypt and travelled along the northern coast of Negroland. Others escaped into the land of Egypt (Mizraim) and went southward along the eastern coast by the Red Sea and into the land of Ethiopia (Kush).

How do we know this?

Well, we need to take a look at secular history.

Today, we see traces of Jewish monotheism throughout the cultures and nations that live in Negroland today (Africa). Some of the moral values and traditional practices that exist now can be traced back to a time long before the Crusades and long before Christian missionaries took the Roman religion called “Christianity” to the shores of what was known to them as the Gold Coast, Tooth Coast and Slave Coast.

If we zoom in on the southern coast of this map of Negroland we will see that the area that we now call Ghana/Togo/Benin; was called the “Slave Coast”, in the Kingdom of Juda. Notice how the regions of Negroland were named in accordance with the various nations, tribes and people groups in their respective ‘Kingdoms’.

Now let me not take for granted that you know what this implies…

The word “Jew” is shorthand for JUDAH. If a person is described as being a Jew, it means that they are from the Nation of Israel. Israel was comprised of 12 tribes. Judah is the name of the largest tribe of Israel. By the time Yeshua (Jesus) walked the earth – the other tribes of Israel were conquered and absorbed into other nations. The ‘Jews’ of Judah were the only living Israelite tribe that was recognisable and living in Jerusalem, the land promised to them by their God, YHWH.

Now let me try to bring this all home for you…

There is an ignorant and colonialist (racist) narrative regarding the TA slave trade that has survived generations of the people that have had the misfortune of hearing it.
That is, that “Africans sold other Africans into slavery. They sold their own people.”

This does not make sense on more than one level.
1 – Who does that? What self-respecting, sensible nation of people would giveaway their own people for the sake of financial gain or technological advancement??? Such is the propaganda and preposterous nature of such a claim. If these so-called “Africans” did this they are surely a barbaric and idiotically simple-minded set of people that were fooled into selling their own people off to aid the advancement of European immigrants and explorers.

2 – Who are “Africans”??? How have we reduced a variety of different people groups down to one label? This is the epitome of an entitled, colonial, RACIST and condescending mentality that shows no regard for people from other nations. It’s like seeing violence at a football match. Men, women, children, supporters, players and staff all get hurt; – yet someone says, “Football fans were just beating each other up.” REALLY?! So hold on… The fanatics in blue were fighting the fanatics in red, while innocent children got hurt; as did members of staff that were also on site. Was everyone present at the stadium a football fan? Were they all involved in the fighting? Did they all represent the same team and did they all have the same reason for being at the stadium that day? NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

3 – And this is a very important point… The Negroes that were sold into slavery were not the same people as the ones indigenous to “Negroland”. The Jews were exiles and immigrants. They were REFUGEES who, over the period of hundreds of years; – moved across the face of Negroland. They were a proud and deeply religious people that carried their sacred texts and religious writings with them. The people that were indigenous to Negroland were the descendants of Noah’s son – HAM (Hamites). Ham’s sons were Mizraim (Egypt), Phut (Libya), Kush (Ethiopia) and Canaan. These people may have all LOOKED the same in the eyes of the Europeans that went there; but the so-called “Negroes” that lived there were under no illusion as to who was who. This is a key point.


Zondervan Bible Dictionary entry of ‘HAM’

Over the centuries that went by between the sacking of Jerusalem in 70AD and the beginning of the TA slave trade in 1619; – the Jews moved across “Africa” and did what they always did; – they thrived. They multiplied greatly despite being on the run and trying to make homes for themselves in a land that was not their own. They were a proud people with a rich and deep history. Carrying their Scriptures with them was a key factor for their success and preserved identity. Their diet, religious practices, laws, governance, music, wisdom literature, prophecies, genealogical records, historical accounting regarding exploits, wars, conquests, enslavements, migrations and more; – was all kept written in their text. We see some of this in the Roman compilation we know today, in the popular text called “The Holy Bible”. This is a 66-book compilation of some of the historical writings of the Hebrew Israelite people.

By the time 1747 came along and Emanuel Bowen made his map of Negroland – we see that the largest concentration of Judaean’s (Jews) had settled in what the Europeans called the “Slave Coast”. We can see traces of Judaean customs throughout Africa today. It has been taught that this is due to the influence and teaching of Christian missionaries and Crusades, but taking a close look at the people and the timelines of such a narrative; – proves this claim to be FALSE.

When it comes to the link between the Jews of Scripture and people of Africa; the first mention are the obvious Lemba tribe of Zimbabwe & South Africa. Even their name hints to the fact that they are not from the land they inhabit – as it is suspected to be derived from the word ‘lembi’ – which is a Bantu word meaning “non-African” or “respected foreigner”.

It does not stop there though… The Gao, Za, Songhai and Mali empires all have their roots firmly in the religion and customs of “Juda-ism”. Even today, customs such as circumcision of males on their 8th day of life and monotheistic beliefs and dietary practices from Juda-ism exist in Senegalese, Ghanaian and Nigerian cultures to name a few.

Of course – the TA slave trade was not the first time these Negroes were enslaved. The Sub-Saharan slave trade that was conducted by Arabs began as early as the 8th century and was a long and brutal event. Before this – there was the Roman hand in the Jews’ enslavement after they destroyed Jerusalem… Before that they were conquered and enslaved by the Greeks, Assyrians, Babylonians and of course – the Egyptians who set the bar for enslavement as far as the Israelites were concerned (this is because the Israelites were  enslaved for the first time ever, by the Mizraim (Egyptian) people. This is documented well in the book of GENESIS). In fact, the word “Egypt” became synonymous for “bondage” or enslavement. Such was the precedent set for the Israelites during their time of slavery under Egypt’s hand.

The Songhai Empire existed in the 15th & 16th century. The Jews of Bilad el-Sudan were still known and were recognisable at this time. This Arabic phrase means, “Jews in the land of the Blacks”. It makes clear distinction between the Jews (that were not in their homeland), and the indigenous people of the land (Hamite nations, or “Africans”).



These are Ashkenazi Jews.

These are NOT the descendants of the Jews/Israelites that wrote the books we find in the Bible.

How do we know this?

Well the author of GENESIS describes the genealogy from Noah to the people of the world at the time. This is found in GENESIS 10-11.

When a person is racist towards an Ashkenazi Jew, they are known as an “anti-Semite”. Ashkenazi Jews have a special word for discrimination towards them. The thing is – by virtue of who they are, this is totally inaccurate. 

A “Semite” is someone who is descended from the line of Noah’s son – SHEM (Shemite). We see that according to the genealogical record in GENESIS 10:1-3Ashkenaz was one of Noah’s great-grandsons. He was one of three sons of Gomer and grandson JAPHETH.

Ashkenazi Jews are not from the line of SHEM.

They are not even Semitic!!!  Let that sink in for a moment…

Notice how we get the Judaean’s (Jews) through the Israelites who came right down the middle of Shem’s lineage, through Abraham, Isaac & Jacob.

Ashkenaz on the other hand came through Japheth who went and settled in and around the European lands we call ‘Germanic’ today.

So how did the world come to know Ashkenazi people as “Jews”?

This is not the post for such conspiracy theories. The conspiracies surrounding this topic are too numerous and would require its own blog. I will simply tease you with this reference from Hebrew Scripture; – could this ancient pact still be in place today?

Thanks for reading! I encourage you to do your own research in this area and see what evidence you can find. Does it make sense alongside the mainstream narrative – or not?

“Believe What Thou Wilt…”


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    1. Hey Paul…

      YES!!! This is exactly how I felt whilst researching all this.

      The thing is – this information resounded well within me as I pieced it together with other information I already had.

      What we are told (it seems) is hardly ever straight up.

      There are the LIES… The FACTS… And the TRUTH.


  1. Excellent Work! The truth cannot be hidden any longer. We are in the last of the last days and according to Daniel 12:4, knowledge (information) shall increase. Your ability to connect scripture and history is profound.

    1. Hey Daniel…

      You are SO right!!!

      I am increasingly becoming more focused on seeing Israelite Scripture for what it is; – in a practical way…

      Less anthropomorphising the text and more simply accepting the accounts of this ancient people; – alongside the hope and belief that they had a unique bond with the Creator Of All.

      I have MUCH more to share in general; – I hope that the words I write fall on the good-ground of someone’s heart/mind.

      Thanks for your support brother.


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