Yeah I said it!

Ever heard of ‘Cognitive Dissonance’?



Case. In. Point.

Lots of you would have clicked on this blog entry with a vague idea of what it might be about. Mostly not though.

Cognitive Dissonance Theory was proposed by psychologist Leon Festinger in 1956. In his book A Theory of Cognitive Dissonance, Festinger explained, ‘Cognitive dissonance can be seen as an antecedent condition which leads to activity oriented toward dissonance-reduction; just as hunger leads toward activity oriented toward hunger-reduction.’

So what does that even mean?? Basically, ‘cognition’ is to do with your thought process, ideas or notions – and ‘dissonance’ is a lack of agreement or inconsistency between one or more things. So Cognitive Dissonance (CD) is the feeling that one experiences when they are presented with information that clashes with information they already have and hold dear.

An example of CD would be this…

Say a Creationist believes that God created the universe – at a time when the world believes the same thing. Time goes on… World opinion and society changes its mind. So now, according to modern science there was in fact a Big Bang; and this is what caused everything to come into existence; not a supernatural deity or Supreme being.

The Creationist experiences CD and tries to eliminate it as soon as possible. How so? Either by switching beliefs and going along with the status quo, or he could choose to deny this Big Bang Theory outright, clinging tightly to his Creationist belief…

A third option is this; – he could absorb this new information into his already held beliefs i.e. – ‘God created the universe. In the Bible, when He said, ‘Let there be light’ – the Big Bang was the light so yes – the Big Bang Theory is correct.’ You see what happened there? Rather than explore the new information and debunk it if necessary; this Creationist accepts and absorbs the new information, accommodating it by changing his own beliefs slightly. His beliefs still stand… AND he is still in line with modern science… Balance is restored!!!

I see nothing wrong with a little CD.

Cognitive Dissonance causes us to carve, shape and define our beliefs one way or another. Most of us don’t like the feeling of being unsettled mentally. We like to make sense of our thoughts because it makes us feel mentally strong and unwavering. We like to speak with confidence and assertion. We don’t like to have our paradigms shifted but if we value hard truth over comfy lies – we will endure the tough process of reviewing what we think we know.

Having a keen interest in Science, I remember learning in school what a ‘FACT’ is. A scientific fact must be the following:

  1. Observable
  2. Repeatable
  3. Verifiable

If we agree with the above definition on what a fact is – we quickly realise that there are very few facts out there. There are lots of opinions though. Some of these opinions hold heavy weight due to who’s they are i.e. specialists or qualified professionals; but still – if they are not facts, they are OPINIONS.

We live in an age where we only seem to value facts. People’s opinions mean less and less because we would rather trust cold, hard, empirical evidence than what a person reckons. I don’t think there is anything wrong with trusting people’s opinions. Trust (or faith) is what makes us human and not robots. Our intuition, our gut instincts, our perception – these are the things that make us uniquely equipped to make decisions without waiting for a computer read-out on the probability of what is going to happen next, according to what we decide.

If you want to believe something – fine.

Identify that thing as fact or opinion and stand strong in that. Know why you believe it rather than just going along with what everyone else thinks like a mindless sheep. For starters, any historical event can never be a ‘fact’. You can’t observe, repeat or verify it!!! So you can only decide to believe the evidence presented, one way or another.


Evidence is not proof. I can explain this simply… In a court of law, the prosecution presents something to back up their case; – evidence. Guess what the defence presents to back up their case… That’s right – evidence! So you can’t have two opposing sets of ‘proof’. Evidence is just evidence; – FAITH is the determining factor in a court of law. The judge/jury look at both sets of evidence and decide where they put their faith. The outcome 100% relies upon convincing them one way or another.

The next time you hear something you think is ludicrous like ‘the earth is flat’, or ‘the moon landings were faked’ or ‘the government is killing us via vaccinations’; – try asking yourself what you believe on the said subject and the reasons you have that point of view. If it’s simply that you’ve got that opinion because you were taught that way and everyone else thinks that way and it’s too big of a lie for so many people to believe; – try digging a little deeper.

You might be surprised at what you find.

The truth is stranger than fiction.



13 Replies to “LAZY FAT MIND…”

  1. Dear Miikz, what a wonderful website. Your blog posts are very well articulated and sincerely thought provoking. An enjoyable read. I look forward to your next instalment!

    1. @ Anish

      You guys are the reason I write. To engage. To inspire. To educate. To entertain. Thanks for your engagement and thank you for your comment.


  2. Bruv – I really like the way you presented this. The info was unpacked nicely, & conveyed with a cool tone that held my interest. Will defo be forwarding 😉👌🏽

    1. @ Deano

      Thank you for your kind words. Great feedback. I’m glad it was palatable for you.


  3. Very interesting article on cognitive dissonance just like when those Christian zealots predict the end of the world and then it doesn’t come but they still continue to believe in their religion even when in some cases they sold their home and quit their jobs. Naturally you would expect it to be devastating to their belief system but no, giving a reason a casual observer would say is a flimsy as to why the world was reprieved and God supposedly changed his mind about Armageddon. But it is simply something that had to happen so individuals involved would not being a state of cognitive dissonance.
    I’d like to know is what is your view on whether the Earth is flat or not?

    1. @ Neil

      Whoa, whoa, whoa dude! You can’t just jump in and ask a man such a question!!! No, foreplay – nothing no? lol

      Nah, in all seriousness – I have to say at this point that I am done with trying to find ‘proofs’ of the earth being a ball. I heard this Flat Earth Theory (geocentric model) a couple of years back and was intrigued. I set out to debunk it and failed. I then attempted to prove and further reinforce my belief in the heliocentric model aka Ball Earth. I also failed.

      Using the scientific method, I have not been able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that we indeed live on a sphere. Everything that I have found to prove that we live on a ball, has been evidence that forces me to put my faith in companies with specialist equipment rather than being able to conduct tests myself. Furthermore – the tests that I have been able to do and the observations I have made (which anyone with little to no budget can do) lead me to believe that we live on a flat plane and not a spinning ball. Trusting in NASA or space agencies or sponsored ‘scientists’ is fine if I admit that it’s me trusting them; making the differentiation between my faith in them rather than empirical evidence.

      The Big Bang Theory.
      The Theory of Evolution.
      The Theory of Relativity.
      String Theory.
      Flat Earth Theory.
      Ball Earth Theory.

      Believing in something based on opinion or faith alone is your choice. No one can take that away from you. The dangerous issue is when something is taught as fact when it is not. THIS IS A PROBLEM.

      This is when Science becomes Scientism.
      Science observes & reports. Scientism requires as much faith as any other mainstream religion does.

      Thank you for your comment Neil.


  4. Hey Miikz

    Yes, I agree wholeheartedly and recognise many individuals and organisations (including Christian organisations), might actually be ok for people to remain with ‘Lazy Fat Minds’, whether conscious or unconscious.

    An excellent blog, exceptionally well written and presented, at the right level to thought provoke!


    1. @ C Mckenzie

      Okay – I see you lifting the lid of a can of worms here, lol

      What do you mean by ‘Christian organisations’ and why would they (or anyone) want anybody to remain in a state where they are not thinking for themselves?

      What, in your opinion would be the point of such an endeavour?


  5. Such an interesting idea that’s really well delivered and digestible. Keep it coming! K

    1. @ Kelly

      Can you think of a time when you have experienced Cognitive Dissonance?

      How did you deal with it?


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