No – it’s not a typo. For my dedicated readers and critics, please always correct me if you see any typos (pet peeve, lol). 

It’s Easter weekend. Yaaaaaay! Did you eat fish on Friday? Did you go on a painted egg treasure hunt? How about those cute little chocolate bunnies? Bite the head off of any of those? (the Malteasers mini-bunny tastes amazing!)

I didn’t really do much to be honest. I did have a wonderful dinner with my family but didn’t really do much else tradition-wise. I’m cool with that. I’m sitting here writing this because, once again – I’m here thinking about what we do and WHY we do what we do.

It’s a family tradition to not eat any meat or poultry on Good Friday. We go to Church on Sunday where we partake of the ‘Lord’s Supper’ (or Communion service), followed by a mini-banquet with the family in the afternoon. It can be much like a mini-Christmas dinner, type of affair. Being around family and friends and eating in merriment is a wonderful thing… But why do we do it? Where did my family get this tradition from at this time of year?

As far as the story in Christianity goes, Jesus was crucified and died on Good Friday; and miraculously rose from the dead two days later, on the Sunday. Now this is where we have  a contradiction in popular belief between what is written in the Bible and what “Christianity” teaches.

In Matthew 12:40 – Jesus spoke of His death and said that He would be in the ‘heart of the earth’ for 3 days and 3 nights, just like Jonah was in the belly of the whale for the same amount of time. If He died on Friday, Saturday makes ONE day, – and His body was missing when they checked the tomb at dawn on  the Sunday. Now I’m no mathematician but either Jesus made a mistake in saying He was going to take 3 days and 3 nights; or maybe He did His thing, captured the keys of Death and Hell in an expedient manner; and finished up ahead of schedule…?

Hmmm… Let’s go back to exactly what was happening at the time of Jesus’ crucifixion…

The Jews had an important religious observance (festival) called Passover. It was at this time of year that it all went down. Jesus was crucified on ‘Preparation Day’ of this festival (John 19:31). I can see how confusion might have entered into Christianity and is sustained today among modern Christians. This is assuming there is no hidden, insidious deception at play.

Mark 15:37-42 also details the event, adding that Jesus was murdered on the ‘day before the Sabbath’. Now we know that according to Jewish custom and the Bible – the weekly Sabbath is the seventh day of the week – Saturday. So if Jesus was crucified on the day before the Sabbath, that would make it a Friday. Continuing on from this, Mary Magdalene visits Jesus’ tomb on the first day of the week (Sunday) according to John 20:1 and finds the tombstone rolled away from the mouth of the grave. Make sense thus far? Good Friday, Holy Saturday, then Ascension Sunday = 3 days. This adds up; – right??


OK, good… Now here’s a spanner in the works for you – the ‘Sabbath’ Mark wrote of was not the weekly Sabbath. It was the Sabbath of the Passover.

I’m trying not to get all preachy and Bible-bash you here, lol… I’m just pointing out that once again, – we have a modern situation where we do things because we just go along with whatever, for whatever reason. Maybe you trust the judgement of the millions of people that you join in keeping these customs… Maybe you can’t be bothered to study for yourself… Or maybe it just feels downright good and you have a great time with family & friends!

If you want to know the truth according to The Good Book – continue reading. If not – skip this blog and wait till next weeks’ entry. No offence taken!

In the Bible (the book that Christianity is supposedly based on), we see in Leviticus 23 where the LORD God gives quite comprehensive and detailed instructions of festivals and religious ‘high days’ that the Israelites were commanded to keep. The Jews of Jesus’ day were in-keeping with these same practices; this is how we know what was going on culturally at the time. You see, a ‘Sabbath’ was not restricted to one day a week. Sabbath days were days set aside for the Chosen people of God to not do any ‘servile work’ (manual labour). They were to rest; – this is where we get the phrase, ‘Sunday is the day of rest’ from. (It’s not Sunday by the way, lol) So there was the original, weekly Sabbath to be kept every Saturday (seventh day of every week), then there were these other Sabbaths to be kept in accordance with the various festivals and high days. A List Of Different Festivals & Their Accompanying Sabbaths.

Here – we see where the Passover is originally instructed (Lev. 23:5-7). The Preparation was the day before the Passover’s Sabbathnot the usual weekly Sabbath (see John 19:31 above). How else could Mary Magdalene rush to Jesus’ tomb on the 2nd day (at the crack of dawn, while it was still dark) and Jesus be already gone – pyjamas all folded neatly?? Jesus Himself said, He would be dead for three days and three nights. There is no room for rhetoric or easy-speech here. He mentions the days and the nights, making His point a matter of fact rather than idiomatic slang.

So HOW does it work out? How can Jesus be right – and the account of what actually happened also be right??? I’ll tell you how; and it may not be easy to accept…


Sometimes it’s hard for us as fully grown, intelligent adults to accept changes to the templates that have been set in our minds, because when re-evaluating; we have to separate our pre-existing knowledge bias, from the base evidence. So try to wipe the slate clean for a moment OK? Imagine you know nothing of this Easter period. Simply reading the Bible for the first time like a child would with no bias – it becomes plain to see. I offer you this timeline…


TUESDAY NIGHT/WEDNESDAY = ‘The Preparation’ day before the Passover. (Mark 15:42). Jesus had supper with His disciples on Tuesday evening. After dinner He goes for a walk with them to the Mount of Olives and prays earnestly in the Garden of Gethsemane. It is night time by the time Jesus is betrayed by Judas and handed over to the Jewish officials to be judged by them for blasphemy. Just before the Jews take Him to Pontius Pilate the Roman governor, Peter denies knowing Jesus 3 times and then a cockerel crows, indicating the sunrise (Wednesday morning) He is then taken to the Roman officials so they can get Him executed by Roman hands, claiming that it would not be Lawful for them to kill Him themselves. Pontius Pilate reluctantly sentences Jesus to death and He is whipped, then tortured en route to the location where they crucify Him. Jesus died on the Cross at 12 noon during a solar eclipse (which lasted for 3 hours). He hurriedly gets buried in a tomb that evening so that His body is not on display during Passover (the following day). Also that evening, a Roman soldier gets stationed at the tomb to prevent zealous grave robbers from stealing Jesus’ body. Night 1…

THURSDAY = Passover. A Sabbath. No work to be done. Roman soldier still stationed at the tomb. Day 1… Night 2…

FRIDAY = The Feast Of Unleavened Bread. Also a Sabbath. No work to be done. Roman soldier still stationed at Jesus’ tomb. Day 2… Night 3…

SATURDAY = The seventh day and end of the week. The weekly, regular Sabbath. Day 3… Night 4!

SUNDAY = Mary Magdalene visits Jesus’ tomb first thing in the morning (during the darkness of dawn) to find it empty.

JESUS DID WHAT HE SAID HE WOULD DO. Mark 8:31 John 2:19-21 Matthew 12:40 He was in the earth for 3 days & 3 nights before rising from the dead!!! We can only assume that He arose before the night was up. All we know is that Mary checked the tomb at dawn on Sunday morning. Who knows what she would have found if she went earlier, during the weekly Sabbath before the 4th night had passed…?

We have to unlearn things and renew our minds in order to get to the truth sometimes… For example – did you know that according to the Bible, the Jewish concept of time is not like ours?


A whole day begins at sunset and lasts until the sun rises and sets again. We see this in the Genesis account of the creation of the earth – the evening and then the morning are the markers of the days; in that order. So you have evening, and then morning… Then allllllll of that daylight throughout the day until it gets to evening again (sunset) belongs in the same block (or unit or measure of time). Then we begin again – evening then morning; – the second day, third day, fourth day and so on. (Genesis 1:5) See also The Jewish Day.


So what has Eostre (Easter) got to do with ANY of this? Where does the name even originate from? It clearly has no association with any of the Jewish festivals happening at this time of the year. Is it pagan? Is it rooted in ancient Egyptian sun-worship and the fertility-goddess Ishtar? Perhaps it is more about the Anglo-Saxon goddess of fertility, ‘Eostre’ and her bunny-lover? Who knows?

Shouldn’t Christians be focused on Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice for all humanity? At the least – should they not follow what He did according to His customs? They definitely shouldn’t be aligning with other, foreign gods and traditions. This is not ‘…fleeing the very appearance of evil…’ When we say, ‘Happy Easter!’ – what are we really saying?

This is just another indicator that ‘Christianity’ is not what we’ve been led to believe it is, and does not follow the teachings of the Bible as closely as we assume it does.

To Be Continued…


12 Replies to “HAPPY EOSTRE!!!”

  1. Miiks as ALWAYS, your literacy and eloquence of words astounds me 👊🏿 …wonderful job on this piece and I concur all you have said and admittedly, you certainly have presented it better than I would have.

    I am a fan of your work little big bro ✊🏿

    1. @ Kelyon

      Appreciate it sir! Thanks. Glad you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing…

      Thank You And Welcome To The Conversation!


  2. As per usual, always thought provoking and well written! This has completely tampered with my ‘bias’ and so now I am going to engage in some banter with my mate Ciroc! 🙂 Your points make a lot of sense and as always, backed by fact and supporting evidence. Thank you sir – much appreciated. Now where was that shot glass……?

    1. @ Audz

      LMAOOOO… Yes sir – it’s hard to bend truth to your own whims. If you manage to do it – you’re probably fooling yourself coz it’s all in your mind really! The Truth is not malleable.

      Let me know what Ciroc says! I hope he concurs… lol 😀

      Thank You For Your Comment


  3. I heard a Bible teacher – David Pawson – speak on this and pretty much say the same thing. It’s amazing how people allow traditions to creep in and distort truth. It’s not faith altering I think, but without knowing how things actually played out we loose some the richness of the meaning behind what God done.

    1. @ Max

      Yes sir! This, (among others) is one of the things that we do as part of our culture when we don’t know why.
      Why shake hands?
      Why say ‘cheers’ and clink glasses with alcoholic beverages inside?
      Why go on ‘stag-dos’ before marriage?

      Who’s traditions are we practicing, what did they originally mean, and does it even matter now?

      I say know what you’re doing. If you know what you’re doing, you can then decide consciously whether or not you want to be a part of that practice.

      Thanks for your comment and welcome Max!


  4. Well done cous!! You got it all right i hope everyone reads this will do the study. Themselves and discover the truth too

    1. @ Dawn

      Thanks dear cousin!

      I also hope that everyone takes stock of their actions; – myself included. If after knowing the truth, you want to continue doing whatever it is you do because you enjoy it, because it’s an integral part of your life, and because it’s fun – so be it.
      At least you know now, and have made a conscious choice. Ignorance is not an excuse.

      Welcome To The Conversation.


  5. Mike’s God has given you that gift of understanding the truth which works with wisdom and knowledge. I enjoy your writing and it challenges one to study the Bible to know the truth. Over the years we have been caught up in tradition and ritualistic practises from generations to generations. However knowing the truth sets us free. I believe God is raising you with an end time annointing for the next generation. Bless you

    1. @ Joan Tuitt

      Thank you for your kind words of appreciation. I shall take it as an encouragement to continue to seek Truth and prove all things.

      It is certainly a trying time as I try to break old habits and cultivate new ones; but try we must if we consider ourselves to be progressive, developing people.

      Thanks For Your Continued Support!


  6. Thanks for taking the time to research and share this information, Miikz. Completely agree that we need to understand the “why” behind a lot of the things we do. Blessings, always. One love.

    1. @ Cal


      We need to take stock. There is a lot that we should be doing that we are not; and lots that we do that we shouldn’t…

      Thanks For Your Continued Support Sir!


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