Wait – WHAT?!

Apparently the pen is mightier than the sword… But is it??

In recent weeks, the media headlines have been strewn with reports of violence throughout the country – particularly London. The strain of violence that was being highlighted is knife crime. According to Sky News on Fri. 19th May 2017 – 30 people had been stabbed to death in London, this year so far. Last year at the same time, 23 people had lost their lives in London in this heinous manner; that’s around a 30% rise since 2016.


So while it’s true that these murders are on the rise from last year; – has media coverage intensified prortionately this year?

I must say, that after loosely following Donald Trump’s campaign and his rise to the Presidency – it appears that the media coverage of Police killings of African-Americans played a role in his rise to the Oval office. He always promised to ‘make America great again’ didn’t he? Well where are those Police officers now? Are they killing less? Have the Police officers in question been arrested for murder? Perhaps they’re currently under investigation? Did the cops suddenly stop killing African Americans overnight?

Trayvon Martin, 17 RIP

If you tune in to alternative news sources such as, or even Al-Jazeera or WikiLeaks; – you will find that African Americans are still being killed by Law Enforcement in America. The difference is that now, this issue does not fit the agenda that mainstream news networks are currently covering. You will not see/hear about these killings unless you monitor Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media platforms. WHY??? Could it be that there is no campaign trail for political candidates to capitalise on? Hmmm…

Let us not underestimate the sheer power and unstoppable brute force of the media. Newspapers, websites and tell-lie-vision alone are media powerhouses that can (potentially) single-handedly control your opinion on things that you know nothing about and have no real tangible link to. Think about it… Is there really chaos in the streets of Venezuela right now? Did North Korea really launch a test missile on May 14th 2017? What about Bin Laden? Is he really dead? Or Ebola – as of 22nd May 2017 the contagion is up 800%. How do you know? How do you know ANY of these things are happening around the world? The answer to that question is simple – YOU DON’T. But you think you do. You have faith in the media – I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing or a good thing. It’s just a thing; – and such a thing is worth noting.

Genuine Nazi propaganda… ‘HITLER – Our Last Hope’

As much as I don’t want to admit it – I am heavily influenced by what I see/hear. Additionally, when different news companies, businesses or individuals that I respect (or not) share a belief; – and I observe the same story repeated overover & over again from different sources – it adds weight to it. This is how speculation quickly becomes ‘fact’ in our minds. Case in point: Nazi Germany in WWII.

On the night of 22nd May 2017 there was a terrorist attack by way of a suicide bombing in Manchester at a concert. We are told that this was claimed by ISIS and killed 22 people, injuring dozens more. QUESTION – was this really an organic terrorist attack?? When I say ‘organic’ I mean – was it really a force that serves its own agenda separate from the government? Was it really ISIS? Who are ISIS really? Who’s agenda does this awful attack serve? What are the implications of this attack on politics, legislation and Policing in the UK? Soldiers now roam the streets of major cities in the UK. The next step would be martial law and curfew. WOW.

No disrespect is directed at any genuine victims of this awful attack. Whatever the agenda and whatever the means – if innocent people, mainly children were killed/injured in this attack; – lives have been changed forever.

Answer me this – why did the Police allegedly run an anti-terrorist drill in Manchester just weeks before this attack? SEE ARTICLE

I’m just waiting for a political party to step up and offer a rousing solution to all of this as part of their campaign. At this time – any bold move will surely garnish the votes necessary to secure a win at the UK’s general election on June 8th 2017. Personally – my money’s on the Labour party despite their poor standings in the polls as of now (25th May). We shall see.

It’s getting very serious guys. Imagine we all stopped paying attention to the media… We stopped watching the news or reading newspapers. We stopped visiting websites and stopped contributing to ‘Snaps’ or FaceBook timelines and InstaVids… We just stopped. If someone commits an act of terrorism or a gang strikes in a local neighbourhood, we may not hear about it unless we were unfortunate enough to be there – or a close family member or friend tells us. We would be oblivious to world events but at the same time – there would be no stage for evil to grab the world’s attention.

This may not taste nice but it’s still food for thought.

‘…If you don’t read the newspaper, you are un-informed; if you do read the newspaper, you are mis-informed… Mark Twain said it better than me.





In the UK, without money – you DIE. Literally.

If money is not spent on your existence, you will cease to exist.

Not so sure? Let me paint you a picture devoid of expenditure…

Imagine yourself being made homeless one day. Nowhere to live. Let’s be nice and make it summertime so it’s not too cold at night. Where do you sleep? Not at a friend’s or family member’s because they spend money on a mortgage or rent for their home. You can’t stay in a homeless shelter because money is used to maintain it – the overheads, bills, staffing, provisions, food and amenities all cost money…

So you either sleep rough, in shop doorways or in a field somewhere making use of the trees, bushes, natural shelters etc… You see where I’m going with this? You
can’t even eat right. You beg for food but again – the food you receive has been purchased with money. This is the UK  – the streets aren’t lined with mango trees, coconut trees or banana mangroves.

If you cannot eat – you die.



So, let’s talk about money and how this system has been set up to our detriment. I want to focus on this with specific regard to the uprising violence in the “Black Community”…

I remember in the late 80’s – early 90’s when there was public outcry. The growing opinion was that the music that young people listened to at the time had a direct influence on their behaviour. This spanned the entire cosmopolitan demographic of American culture, though when it came to violence – a direct relation between genres of music such as “gangster rap” and gang-related violence was noted in local Black communities. White America was silent for a while regarding this but as soon as little Scott, Harry and Sally started taking class ‘A’ drugs and acting out; – it became an all-inclusive, national problem.

MTV was the main protagonist and was blamed almost wholly for the rise in dysfunctional youth. Not only was music with violent, anti-social themes played on radio; the television played videos of these songs; acting out and visualising the lyrical content. Acts of violence, sexually graphic images as well as a glorification of opulence and lavishness flooded the airwaves and the young minds of the nation, and the world.

Fast forward 30 years to 2017 and this has not changed.

Most videos from rap, hip-hop, and R’n’B embellish a lifestyle that embodies satisfaction, and happiness. From wild parties in expensive mansions to fast cars and yachts; the underlying message is that the lifestyle exemplified is the epitome of success. This is supposedly the end product of hard work and grinding by whatever means.

One of the codes that run under this musical subculture is ‘keeping it real’. Keeping it real meant that you could tell your genuinely gritty story. Artists could speak about their rise to notoriety freely, without being legally accountable for their tall tales of criminal involvement which may stem from extortion to violence and murder, or from drug sales and pimping. Artistic licence is now stretched to its limits. This ‘art’ is now not only part of the track lyrically, – it’s also glamourised in the accompanying music videos.

QUESTIONS – Who owns these record labels? Who pays artists advances on their unit sales for their music? Who ultimately decides what music is heard by the public and the impressionable youth?

The UK rap scene is represented by a sub-genre called ‘Grime’. This type of storytelling is centred around the urban lives of impoverished but talented young people. The stars of this genre speak directly to the hearts of the youth that in turn, aspire to be them one day. By hook or crook they spend every waking moment writing/reciting lyrics and developing their craft of producing and beat-making behind a computer screen, hoping that this hard work will one day collide with good luck and destiny.

For those media studies buffs out there, remember the Hypodermic Needle Theory? It would seem that this is a very true phenomena. The media is a very powerful thing. Go look up the 1938 radio broadcast of Orson Wells – ‘War Of The Worlds’ and see a perfect example of the power that the media truly wields.

If this HNT is true, why is the public being injected with things that seem to be sending society into a state of devolution? Why is music filled with violence when it has been shown that minds as impressionable as the young ones that are committing violent crimes; can be directly affected by the words and images therein? Is there an agenda at play here? If so, who’s agenda is it? Do you believe that trends in society, fashion, musical tastes or language etc have a pure and natural/organic pattern of growth?

I can’t wear clothes that haven’t been designed… I can’t drive a car that hasn’t been invented… I can’t eat a meal that hasn’t been cooked… I can’t listen to music that hasn’t been written. None of these things happen without human effort or interaction. Demand cannot control supply. If supply does not exist, demand will shift its attention elsewhere.


Most of us have heard the saying, ‘sex sells’ right? Well what if there was no seller? What if there was no one greedy, desperate or willing to sell their body for a price? Who is in control here? The seller or the buyer? One thing’s for sure – if there was no product for sale – that would be the end of that; before it even began!


I’m trying hard to not name names here ok?

Ever wondered why ‘Black’ artists that promote love, good vibes or a real life story that doesn’t glorify drugs/violence don’t get big record deals or much of a platform to be heard?

I can personally think of a bunch that have either gone in another direction or sadly, have given up entirely.

Don’t take my word for it… Within the UK rap scene, think of the biggest artists you’ve heard of and go and study their lyrics. Check their videos. What are they promoting? What messages are these artists sending to young people? These are artists that have ‘made it’ and this is what they choose to say. The subliminal message and automatic assumption is this – to make it you say what they say – after all, they’ve made it!

Just over a week ago (early Feb’ 2017) there was a video going around of a Black man in his late 20’s standing outside of a house party he had sent his 14yr old daughter to. He had just been inside the party and confiscated 3 knives from the youths inside. One of these knives was a fully blown Crocodile Dundee assault knife with a 12″ blade!!!



  • Where did they get the idea to walk around with a knife like that from?
  • What would they do with a knife like that in an argument or scrap (as boys often get into)?
  • What kind of music do they listen to?
  • Are these artists FORCED to make music that pushes such high levels of negativity?
  • Would they get record deals if they didn’t?
  • Which of these artists would risk not doing so well commercially by not putting out or promoting the kind of music that is literally infecting, poisoning and killing their own people?