LOVE – a word that comes and goes; but few people really know what it means to really love somebody…” – Kirk Franklin


English, the language you are reading this message in is quite a basic one when compared to other languages – both past and present.

Take Ancient Greek for example. There is no direct translation for the English word – ‘Love’. Instead, there are the words, eros, phileo, store and agapeo. Eros describes feelings of a romantic or sexual nature. Phileo is love between friends. Store is the naturally occurring love that exists between parents and children. Agapeo is the “love of God” – unconditional and bearing all things.

Last week, the repackaged, re-branded pagan festival of Lupercalia aka Saint Valentine’s Day came and went. Many of us went out and spent exorbitant amounts of money to objectify and exalt our subjects, wives, husbands, girl/boyfriends; – all in a bid to let them know how much we love them and how special we think they are.

At this point I could talk about the spiritual implications of observing such a practice but I think I’ll save that for a later post; – as you can imagine, that subject area is MASSIVE!

Spirituality aside for the sake of this article, tell me – how important is celebrating Valentine’s Day to you? Is it an irreplaceable indication of your love for someone special? If you are in a relationship and you do nothing to commemorate the day – is this a problem? Or at the least, a little disappointing? (use the comment box below)

As for me – I have a clear and defined understanding of who I am and what I should/shouldn’t be aligning myself with spiritually. As such – I do not celebrate or observe Valentine’s Day. This doesn’t mean I do not cherish my wife. In fact – I’m hoping she will read this and get back to me. If she doesn’t feel loved and cherished all year round – I’m not doing my job correctly!

But seriously though – ponder for a moment how modern society has governed our minds and systematically controlled our opinions…

If we don’t engage in popular social customs we are made to feel weird and second-class. I currently live in the UK. In recent years there has been an agenda pushed by the government  to celebrate what it defines as being British.

According to OFSTED (government regulatory body: Office for Standards in Education), the 4 core British Values are: democracy; the rule of law; individual liberty; mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.

This is something that is being pushed throughout society – especially in our schools, colleges and other institutions of academia. It’s worth noting that children are taught what to think (to a point) long before they reach the age of 11. These are the people most likely to be writing and passing our laws, as well as having children of their own in as little as 20 years hence (or less)… 


QUESTIONS – How many times has someone told you that they don’t celebrate Christmas or birthdays? Or that they are vegan? Or that they are not religious but they believe in the power of the universe? Or how about this – they believe in the sacred nature of blood, so they won’t give/receive it; ergo risking death rather than undergo any blood or organ-swapping procedures?

What have you thought? I know what I have thought of such people.

Strange… Anarchists… Brainwashed, sociopathic or hermitic people trying to be different for the sake of being different, without a real root cause. I always thought these people were just rebellious and had problems with authority… They probably had issues in their families and with the law growing up.

According to the above values, this was not very British of me.

It’s only as I have grown older and wiser that I not only dare to disagree with the status quo but I also put into action, my beliefs (whatever they may be).

As a result, respect for people that have different views to my own; materialised instantly. I increasingly find myself the recipient of either – raised eyebrows and open mouths in surprise… Or furrowed brows and pursed lips in contemplative thought.

I find that both responses matter less and less to me everyday.

The more I dig within myself to get to my core… The more I challenge and question my ideals and motives; – is the more comfortable I become in my skin.  So if you want to know more about me, ask questions. If you’re not really interested – don’t. It’s OK. I feel no pressure to get you to change your viewpoint or get you to “join my gang” as it were. I just ask that you be open with your judgements so I can identify you quickly and keep it moving.

Soooo… I’ve made the decision to boycott this ‘love-day’ in favour of taking the “I love you everyday of the year” approach. Mrs. Miikz says she understands and accepts it but I knoooooow she’s watching me. I need to make sure I keep my end of the bargain. If that’s what I’m saying – I need to be true to it;

and so do the REST OF YOU GUYS that quote the highly predictable, “I don’t need a stupid, commercial holiday to show my love for you babe…” lyric. (eyeroll)


While I’m at it, I’m boycotting all birthday celebrations as well (including my own). Might as well strike the iron while it’s hot, eh? If you know the date on which I was born – call my mum and thank her for my life like I do!!!

I just need to make sure that I buy gifts and carry out random acts of kindness and appreciation for my loved ones throughout the year. Speaking of which – I think I’m due one soon, especially as the anniversary of my wife’s birth is coming up… Must dash!!!

REMEMBER – love each other as if your own life depends on it…