Hi Guys…

This is a short blog about a word. Well – two words in particular actually: ‘relation’ & ‘ship’.

The word relation is pretty straightforward as it describes the bond or association between things.

The word, ‘ship’ is a bit more complicated; – it has nothing to do with water-born, seagoing vessels. It is a suffix which is the derivative of an old English word meaning, “quality, condition, act, power, skill, office, position or relation between…” The Old English word was ‘sciepe’… In Middle English this became ‘schipe’. Anglian = scip. Dutch = schap. Proto-Germanic = skapaz (from skap) which means to create’. These are the same roots from which we get the words, ‘shape’, ‘sculpt’ etc. Examples of this suffix used in modern English are: lordship, craftsmanship, citizenship, fellowship, dictatorship, worship, ownership and more…  (scroll down to origin of ‘-ship’)

So essentially, when we use the word relationship we are speaking of a link that has been created or exists between two or more entities.

Among other things – I am a creative person. The song above is an offering I wrote about romantic love (eros) between a man and a woman (see previous post “A Word That Comes & Goes”). My wife was my muse and the subject for this song; I dedicate it to her. (Love you babe!)

Can you guess why it’s also called ‘Adam’s Song’? ANSWERS IN THE COMMENT SECTION.

Hope you enjoy guys. Let me know what you think.