‘Have you met your STRAWMAN?’ he asked me casually.

‘My what??’ I asked, puzzled…

‘Your STRAWMAN. Y’know…? The paper YOU. Your digital self??

At this point I thought to myself, ‘Ah, here we go. Another Matrix-loving conspiracy theorist about to chew my ear off…’ #eyeroll

But instead of going off on a complete mad rant, he gave me a name to look up on YouTube, snapped the lid on my cappuccino firmly shut and bid me a good day. Needless to say I was pleased to continue my morning journey with a clear head and hot beverage in-hand. I must say though – I was a little curious…

Before we continue, please watch this 5min video. It’ll make this blog a lot easier to comprehend…

Now although this video is satirical in style; – the insidious truth is hard to deny once you begin to look into things. If you’ve been reading my blog, you’re beginning to know me. I am not one to let something slide back out of my crosshairs once it has appeared on my radar and piqued my interest. I decided to follow this proverbial rabbit down the rabbit hole…


Now I am in NO WAY a specialist in this field, neither am I a legal practitioner. I do however have a brain in my head and a mind to think for myself – at a pace not set by any institution or anyone other than myself.

The best place to start is knowing where in the world you are and how you are governed. The UK is a ‘Common Law’ jurisdiction. Common Law is comprised of criminal and civil law. It is constantly evolving and grows with each case that goes through the courts. Judgements are passed and new precedents are set upon the closing of every case.


Did you know that Laws are not necessarily the same as Acts of Parliament? An easy way to think of it is this – a Law exists in nature and is synonymous with basic Human Rights. Common Law can therefore be boiled down to the following: “Do not cause injury, harm or loss to another human being.” This is the basis of ALL criminal law. Ask yourself – where is the injured party? Who has been harmed? Who has suffered loss and how so? 

Acts/Statutes on the other hand are ‘bills’ that have been proposed to become Law. They are reviewed by members of Parliament before being sanctioned and passed as official Acts. Acts are very specific and pertain to the rules regarding a particular situation (offence), outlining the offence and setting guidelines on the enforcement of said offence. (See Here) 


A ‘society’ is most commonly described as, ‘…an organised group of persons associated together for religious, benevolent, cultural, scientific, political, patriotic, or other purposes’. Are you an upstanding ‘member of society’? How did you become a ‘member’? How come Gypsies/Travellers are not considered members of this society? Could society be considered a club? Membership of any club or ‘society’ is subject to club/society rules. Breaking these rules means facing consequences, in accordance with the club’s own rules and their accompanying punishments. See ‘membership’


Legalese is not a slang term folks. It’s a real language. The Law Society is the governing body for all law practitioners in the UK & Wales. The entire legal system uses the Law Society’s terms and definitions to govern and legislate itself and anyone that is part of the ‘society’ that belongs to the UK. The glossary or index which is used is called a Law Dictionary. The words inside this dictionary form a language – Legalese. EVERY TIME someone in an official capacity speaks to you, they are potentially using this language according to the definitions within the law dictionary; and not plain English as we know it. This can be VERY tricky, and has probably gone undetected by you ALL YOUR LIFE.

For example – someone gets arrested and the police officer recites them their rights. At the end of this the officer asks the arrested man/woman, ‘Do you understand?’ Now have you ever wondered what would happen if they replied, ‘No’? Would the arrest not stand? Would the arrest be delayed and then explained & explained & explained until they eventually understand and say ‘Yes’…? I don’t think so. 

You see we think that the officer is asking them if they comprehend the reason why they are being arrested. This is NOT what is happening here. The police officer is acting in an official capacity and has switched over to using Legalese without them knowing. What they are getting them to do is agree to the arrest and verbally accept (enter into contract) what is happening to them. According to Black’s Law dictionary, the word ‘Understand’ means to ‘stand under one’s authority…’ So when they say ‘Yes’ they are actually agreeing and consenting to the arrest. If they say ‘No’ this must be recorded. It can later be used in the person’s defence should they need it.

Another example of Legalese is the word ‘person’. Am I correct in assuming that you believe that you are a person reading this blog? Well what if I told you that legally, a ‘person’ is a legal personality and not necessarily a human being? You see this is what your Strawman actually is; – a PERSON. ‘Person’ definition #6 – ‘A human, corporation, organization, partnership, association, or other entity deemed or construed to be governed by a particular law’. So anytime you receive a parking fine, your ‘person’ (Strawman) is responsible for paying it. This is opposed to a flesh and blood human being or ‘living soul’. Notice how a naval Captain or a Pilot is responsible for ‘all souls on board’ rather than ‘persons’ or people… Interesting.


Basically, as far as I can tell a ‘Strawman’ is the virtual version of ourselves… The paper version. What has happened – is this system has us thinking that we are our ‘persons’ and our ‘persons’ are us. But we are not the same. That’s why the birth certificate is SO important to the government. With it (allegedly), a Trust Account is set up with the title, ‘MR’ or ‘MISS’ – followed by your CAPITALISED family name (known as a Surname). Welcome to society!!! Now you are subject to the rules of the society you now belong to (Acts & Statutes). If you break them you are subject to punishments which may include fines and/or imprisonment. When last have you read your birth certificate? I mean really read what’s written on it??

OK, I see an application number in the top right… Another serial number in the bottom left… A logo at the top and an official seal in the bottom right. It’s also printed on special paper known as ‘bond paper’ and contains a sigil of some description watermarked into the centre of the page. If this certification process is only about census then you don’t need a certificate printed on special paper with so many security features to do it. On top of that, notice that the parents have to physically fill this form in themselves – in ‘person’! A living soul has to physically be an ‘informant’ and snitch on their child to the government – adding a signature to authenticate the process. (Yes, this whole thing is bizarre!) I mean with everything being made available online now, digitally logged and trackable – if you have a child in a hospital do you think that if you don’t register the baby’s birth; the record of the birth will just disappear? HA! Not likely.

What if I wasn’t part of society? Could I do as I please because the ‘rules’ don’t apply to me? Well – hold on… What rules? The Common Law? Acts & statutes? We live in a Common Law state so that means that Human (natural and universally recognisable) Law rules. Therefore if I cause ‘injury, harm or loss’ to another human being – I can be judged and held accountable in a court of Law. If I have not caused injury, harm or loss – and there is no victim (victimless crimes) nobody should be able to take me to court.

Consider for a moment, the Travelling Community in the UK (Irish Travellers or Romany Gypsies).  These people are often ostracised and vilified as ‘trouble makers’ – sucking the lifeblood out of the ‘civilised society’ that is the UK. Now traditionally, many are not born in hospitals and from the ones that are; many parents have not registered their births (this is changing nowadays, especially with changes in legislation in 2017). Have you noticed that police don’t really want to deal with Travellers most of the time? If this whole Strawman Theory is correct then it would make sense that the legal system in the UK can’t deal with un-registered Travellers with no fixed abode because they are largely outside the jurisdiction of statute. So unless they commit a Common Law crime (cause injury/harm/loss), these people are untouchable because they are not part of ‘society’ and therefore Acts & Statutes do not and cannot be applied to them. No wonder the social agenda has always been to look upon them with disdain.

I don’t know all there is to know on this and trust me – there is A LOT! From your birth certificate, to money and its inner workings, to understanding Trust Law and driving without being subject to driving laws (Road Traffic Act) – there is an absolute ocean of information out there if you can be bothered to navigate it. The trouble is that all too often, the characters presenting the information have issues articulating their ideas; so the message gets lost in their unique delivery or quirky style.

Below are examples of  websites/videos to get you started if you want to take a peek down the rabbit hole… ENJOY!