Hello there, my beautiful people!!! I’VE MISSED YOU!!!

It has been a while since I’ve bombarded you with quirky bits of information and random snippets of my mind… Seeing as we’re going through a pandemic (and subsequent lockdown) and many, MANY more people are spending their days and nights online; – I thought it would be a good time to reconnect with some of you and introduce myself to new readers for the first time.

Please feel free to peruse this site. It’s pretty much an old shed with random items on shelves and in boxes everywhere. Not very organised but lots of goodies in there if you know what to spot when you spot it.

During my hiatus, I have been busy expanding my family and developing ideas that will (hopefully) bring great joy to myself and those around me. I’m also trying to create streams of revenue that will further allow me to pursue endeavours that I enjoy, rather than simply ones that I am good at that pay me a wage in return (mundane).

So… After spending around 30mins of updates, codex fixes and general site maintenance; – I trawled my way through 1000+ pending comments. 1000+ I kid you not! Would you believe that I did not approve a single one?!! They were all either phishing scams that wanted you to click on something; – or they were selling something from sex-pills to wigs or likes on Instagram… DEAD.

I have been asked repeatedly what my opinion is on what is going on in the world today. Governments worldwide have been imprisoning and/or quarantining their citizens in a bid to keep their respective nations safe by “self-isolation”, “social distancing” and other measures such as forcing certain types of businesses to close. Many people are happy with this arrangement; – while others are LIVID, and suggest that it is wrong on many levels to cause, allow or restrict a person from making a living to look after themselves and their family.

Thank you for sticking around; – standby for more…



What is this?!

NEGROLAND – that’s what.

So the landmass now known as “Africa” was once called Negroland according to Emanuel Bowen, the cartographer that made the above map in 1747. He was not the originator of this name. There were earlier maps drawn that depict Negroland differently. This earlier map by Hermon Moll (a cartographer from London), shows the European settlements that existed there in 1729 and splits them up by ownership.

The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was in full swing at this point; – over 100 years of human trafficking/slave trading was underway. Negroland was the land that these slaves were imported from; – the people were called “Negroes”.

But who were these Negroes and where did they come from?

Well, their origins are somewhat surprising…

According to Wikipedia (if you believe them) the Jews’ historical homeland of Jerusalem was sieged by Roman General (soon to be Emperor) Titus in 70AD. Jewish slaves were captured and made to settle across the northern territories of Rome, in Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco (among others). SEE HERE.

However not ALL of the Jews were captured and killed. The migration that is illustrated in the map below is an over-simplification and occurred over a period of several centuries; – from 70AD until 1619AD and beyond.

At the time of the final Roman siege on Jerusalem in 70AD, many Jews managed to escape. They flooded into neighbouring lands – many went southwest into Egypt and travelled along the northern coast of Negroland. Others escaped into the land of Egypt (Mizraim) and went southward along the eastern coast by the Red Sea and into the land of Ethiopia (Kush).

How do we know this?

Well, we need to take a look at secular history.

Today, we see traces of Jewish monotheism throughout the cultures and nations that live in Negroland today (Africa). Some of the moral values and traditional practices that exist now can be traced back to a time long before the Crusades and long before Christian missionaries took the Roman religion called “Christianity” to the shores of what was known to them as the Gold Coast, Tooth Coast and Slave Coast.

If we zoom in on the southern coast of this map of Negroland we will see that the area that we now call Ghana/Togo/Benin; was called the “Slave Coast”, in the Kingdom of Juda. Notice how the regions of Negroland were named in accordance with the various nations, tribes and people groups in their respective ‘Kingdoms’.

Now let me not take for granted that you know what this implies…

The word “Jew” is shorthand for JUDAH. If a person is described as being a Jew, it means that they are from the Nation of Israel. Israel was comprised of 12 tribes. Judah is the name of the largest tribe of Israel. By the time Yeshua (Jesus) walked the earth – the other tribes of Israel were conquered and absorbed into other nations. The ‘Jews’ of Judah were the only living Israelite tribe that was recognisable and living in Jerusalem, the land promised to them by their God, YHWH.

Now let me try to bring this all home for you…

There is an ignorant and colonialist (racist) narrative regarding the TA slave trade that has survived generations of the people that have had the misfortune of hearing it.
That is, that “Africans sold other Africans into slavery. They sold their own people.”

This does not make sense on more than one level.
1 – Who does that? What self-respecting, sensible nation of people would giveaway their own people for the sake of financial gain or technological advancement??? Such is the propaganda and preposterous nature of such a claim. If these so-called “Africans” did this they are surely a barbaric and idiotically simple-minded set of people that were fooled into selling their own people off to aid the advancement of European immigrants and explorers.

2 – Who are “Africans”??? How have we reduced a variety of different people groups down to one label? This is the epitome of an entitled, colonial, RACIST and condescending mentality that shows no regard for people from other nations. It’s like seeing violence at a football match. Men, women, children, supporters, players and staff all get hurt; – yet someone says, “Football fans were just beating each other up.” REALLY?! So hold on… The fanatics in blue were fighting the fanatics in red, while innocent children got hurt; as did members of staff that were also on site. Was everyone present at the stadium a football fan? Were they all involved in the fighting? Did they all represent the same team and did they all have the same reason for being at the stadium that day? NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

3 – And this is a very important point… The Negroes that were sold into slavery were not the same people as the ones indigenous to “Negroland”. The Jews were exiles and immigrants. They were REFUGEES who, over the period of hundreds of years; – moved across the face of Negroland. They were a proud and deeply religious people that carried their sacred texts and religious writings with them. The people that were indigenous to Negroland were the descendants of Noah’s son – HAM (Hamites). Ham’s sons were Mizraim (Egypt), Phut (Libya), Kush (Ethiopia) and Canaan. These people may have all LOOKED the same in the eyes of the Europeans that went there; but the so-called “Negroes” that lived there were under no illusion as to who was who. This is a key point.


Zondervan Bible Dictionary entry of ‘HAM’

Over the centuries that went by between the sacking of Jerusalem in 70AD and the beginning of the TA slave trade in 1619; – the Jews moved across “Africa” and did what they always did; – they thrived. They multiplied greatly despite being on the run and trying to make homes for themselves in a land that was not their own. They were a proud people with a rich and deep history. Carrying their Scriptures with them was a key factor for their success and preserved identity. Their diet, religious practices, laws, governance, music, wisdom literature, prophecies, genealogical records, historical accounting regarding exploits, wars, conquests, enslavements, migrations and more; – was all kept written in their text. We see some of this in the Roman compilation we know today, in the popular text called “The Holy Bible”. This is a 66-book compilation of some of the historical writings of the Hebrew Israelite people.

By the time 1747 came along and Emanuel Bowen made his map of Negroland – we see that the largest concentration of Judaean’s (Jews) had settled in what the Europeans called the “Slave Coast”. We can see traces of Judaean customs throughout Africa today. It has been taught that this is due to the influence and teaching of Christian missionaries and Crusades, but taking a close look at the people and the timelines of such a narrative; – proves this claim to be FALSE.

When it comes to the link between the Jews of Scripture and people of Africa; the first mention are the obvious Lemba tribe of Zimbabwe & South Africa. Even their name hints to the fact that they are not from the land they inhabit – as it is suspected to be derived from the word ‘lembi’ – which is a Bantu word meaning “non-African” or “respected foreigner”.

It does not stop there though… The Gao, Za, Songhai and Mali empires all have their roots firmly in the religion and customs of “Juda-ism”. Even today, customs such as circumcision of males on their 8th day of life and monotheistic beliefs and dietary practices from Juda-ism exist in Senegalese, Ghanaian and Nigerian cultures to name a few.

Of course – the TA slave trade was not the first time these Negroes were enslaved. The Sub-Saharan slave trade that was conducted by Arabs began as early as the 8th century and was a long and brutal event. Before this – there was the Roman hand in the Jews’ enslavement after they destroyed Jerusalem… Before that they were conquered and enslaved by the Greeks, Assyrians, Babylonians and of course – the Egyptians who set the bar for enslavement as far as the Israelites were concerned (this is because the Israelites were  enslaved for the first time ever, by the Mizraim (Egyptian) people. This is documented well in the book of GENESIS). In fact, the word “Egypt” became synonymous for “bondage” or enslavement. Such was the precedent set for the Israelites during their time of slavery under Egypt’s hand.

The Songhai Empire existed in the 15th & 16th century. The Jews of Bilad el-Sudan were still known and were recognisable at this time. This Arabic phrase means, “Jews in the land of the Blacks”. It makes clear distinction between the Jews (that were not in their homeland), and the indigenous people of the land (Hamite nations, or “Africans”).



These are Ashkenazi Jews.

These are NOT the descendants of the Jews/Israelites that wrote the books we find in the Bible.

How do we know this?

Well the author of GENESIS describes the genealogy from Noah to the people of the world at the time. This is found in GENESIS 10-11.

When a person is racist towards an Ashkenazi Jew, they are known as an “anti-Semite”. Ashkenazi Jews have a special word for discrimination towards them. The thing is – by virtue of who they are, this is totally inaccurate. 

A “Semite” is someone who is descended from the line of Noah’s son – SHEM (Shemite). We see that according to the genealogical record in GENESIS 10:1-3Ashkenaz was one of Noah’s great-grandsons. He was one of three sons of Gomer and grandson JAPHETH.

Ashkenazi Jews are not from the line of SHEM.

They are not even Semitic!!!  Let that sink in for a moment…

Notice how we get the Judaean’s (Jews) through the Israelites who came right down the middle of Shem’s lineage, through Abraham, Isaac & Jacob.

Ashkenaz on the other hand came through Japheth who went and settled in and around the European lands we call ‘Germanic’ today.

So how did the world come to know Ashkenazi people as “Jews”?

This is not the post for such conspiracy theories. The conspiracies surrounding this topic are too numerous and would require its own blog. I will simply tease you with this reference from Hebrew Scripture; – could this ancient pact still be in place today?

Thanks for reading! I encourage you to do your own research in this area and see what evidence you can find. Does it make sense alongside the mainstream narrative – or not?

“Believe What Thou Wilt…”



“The Holy Bible” is a selection of books written by different authors, taken from HEBREW SCRIPTURES. This blog is a practical summary of what the authors of these books thought of this world; – from its Creation to its End.

First of all, please understand that Hebrew and Greek are VERY different languages to English. The Holy Bible we read in the Western world was translated from these 2 languages. If English is your primary language, you are likely to be quite rigid in your comprehension and application of words, and thus – you are faced with many translation errors when reading these ancient Scriptures. For example – a Hebrew word can have several different meanings dependant on the context and position within a sentence… In Greek, where the words; ‘eros’, ‘phileo’, ‘storge’ and ‘agape’ all have distinctly different meanings; – the English of the Bible translates all 4 words as, ‘love’.

My paradigm, cosmology and world-view is formed largely from what the Hebrew Israelite people wrote many, many years ago…

The Elohim (or God) of the Hebrew Israelites named “YHWH” or Yehovah, (the Creator of all things) created the earth. It was once formless and void but YHWH changed all that.

He created a man we call ‘Adam’ and a woman we call ‘Eve’. These were images of YHWH Himself. NO OTHER CREATURE bore YHWH’s image. These two human beings were the walking, talking, living embodiments of YHWH’s glory. Let us remember what an ‘image’ does… An image glorifies that which it is ‘imaging’. Think of statues, paintings etc; – they are not the real thing but they seek to represent and/or embellish the things that they reflect.

YHWH made a garden called EDEN. This was a special location on the earth in which He placed Adam and his wife to live. It was a kind-of “Crossover Space” between “YHWH’s Space” (Heaven) and “Man’s Space” (earth). It was what we would call “heaven on earth”.

This “Crossover Space” was the ORIGINAL PLAN for mankind… God & man dwelling in the same space forever. If you are a “Holy Bible” reader you will find this “Crossover Space” or ‘Heaven’ at the beginning of the narrative in Genesis and also at the end of the Biblical narrative in Revelation.

EVERYTHING that happens in the Bible after the fall of man, documents YHWH attempting to restore this dual existence with mankind; – and Satan (or “the Adversary”) trying to stop this from happening by many (and any) means necessary.

YHWH is perfect. Our minds as humans are so far away from perfection that we cannot even imagine what ‘perfect’ actually is. YHWH chooses to dwell (reside and live) in perfect places only.

A cunning, crafty creature called the serpent tested the faith of Adam’s wife (later named Eve). The serpent led her to doubt the words and instructions of YHWH and she sinned. She – in turn led her husband Adam, to also sin. Adam and Eve disobeyed YHWH by eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. They had not had any children at this point. They were banished from this “Crossover Space” into the wider earth, which was a considerably rougher terrain – now cursed to make their job of tending to it, subduing it, eating from it and sustaining their lives a hard task.

Everything (literally EVERYTHING) that we read about in Hebrew Scripture (or see in life) from there on in, is an on-going attempt by YHWH to restore ‘heaven on earth’; along with continuous attempts by the Adversary (or Satan, or Opposer) to disrupt this plan from taking place.

The Hebrew Narrative In A Nutshell:

  • A band of angels named the Watchers went beyond their station and fathered hybrid children (Nephilim) with human women. This created a bloodthirsty war between the different classes of these creatures and mankind got caught in the crossfire. These Watchers taught mankind (and their Nephilim hybrid sons) things about the earth and stars that they were not instructed to tell them. These were things like the understanding of herbs and their uses, the art of seduction and make-up, how to extract metal from the earth and forge weaponry, how to read signs in the stars and worship them and much more… The earth was full of bloodshed and all manner of sin and disorder. This era is known in the Bible as ‘the days of Noah’.

  • YHWH regrets that He created mankind and is disgusted by their sinful ways. He decided to flood the earth, saving only 8 human beings. This served as a ‘soft reset’ but did not reinstate the “Crossover Space”. It did not bring heaven to earth. Soon enough – sin was back on earth, this time with the aid of the now disembodied spirits of the Nephilim who are tormented, longing for bodies in which to walk and dominate the earth again. These are described in Scripture as ‘evil spirits’ or ‘demons’.
  • YHWH makes a promise to a man named Abram (later renamed Abraham). Abram has great faith and he follows YHWH’s instructions, taking Him at His word. YHWH promises to restore the earth by using Abram’s family/bloodline. He promises him that he will have more descendants than the stars he is able to count in the night sky.


  • These Hebrew Israelites kept an account of their lives. After their enslavement in Egypt, they went into a direct Covenant with YHWH. This is found in Exodus 20-24 and it’s where you will see the 10 Commandments. This was another MAJOR attempt by YHWH to bring about the “Crossover Space” or ‘heaven on earth’ through the Israelites. They were to be a ‘royal-priesthood’. They were to be a peculiar nation, set-apart from the rest of the peoples of the earth. They were to rule in righteousness and be a beacon of hope, wisdom and goodness for all to see. They were meant to be ambassadors of YHWH. They would have truly glorified their God – just as any good ‘image’ does; – but alas, they sinned repeatedly and continuously.
  • The Israelites could not keep their end of the Covenant. They broke it time and time again despite YHWH putting in contingencies like Sacrificial Laws, sin offerings and Atonement festivals. They were enslaved time and time again as a result throughout history and to this day – still suffer under the curses prescribed for their disobedience in DEUTERONOMY 28.

  • Prophecy is a MASSIVE-yet-understated part of Hebrew Scripture. It was prophesied by several writers of their books; that one day – the New Covenant would replace the Covenant they went into at Mount Sinai. One such reference is in JEREMIAH 31:31-34.
  • A Messiah was prophesied to come and do the mighty work of saving His people from death and the grave due to the hopeless situation that they were in because of their rebelliousness. He would replace the Old Covenant with a New One. This Covenant would be open to ALL nations; – no longer would Israel have exclusive rights to YHWH.

This Saviour was Yeshua Hammashiach aka JESUS the ‘Christ’.

The book of HEBREWS does an excellent job of explaining exactly what Yeshua did and why He had to do it. On the run up to Yeshua’s execution/Sacrifice – He taught His disciples how to pray – starting the prayer with the same sentiment that John ends the book of Revelation with in chapter 21 –

“…Thy kingdom COME, Thy will be done ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN…”

The ultimate “Crossover Space” comes down out of “YHWH’s Space” in REVELATION 21. John calls it New Jerusalem. Before this, we see glimpses of these spaces throughout Scripture – they are usually called ‘the tabernacle’, ‘the sanctuary’, ‘the tent of meeting’ or the temple. It is in these spaces that both YHWH and mankind coexist – briefly.

This is why the metaphor of our bodies being the temple of YHWH would have been quite startling and avante garde for Yeshua’s Jewish audience. The tabernacle or temple was a holy place that only a priest could enter. Only the highest priest on duty could enter the ‘Most Holy Place’ and live; – even then, the priest’s life depended on his ceremonial cleanliness.

Yeshua turned this doctrine on its head by tearing the veil of the temple/sanctuary (this separates the holy from the ‘Most-Holy’ place) – allowing anyone other than priests to approach the ‘Mercy Seat’ (throne of YHWH)… Also – by saying that the temple is now within us and that YHWH is to reside inside of each of us; – this put the responsibility on each individual to ensure that their hearts were pure and clean – fitting for YHWH to descend down into.

To conclude – we have a few things yet to happen in terms of the narrative according to the Hebrews. REMEMBER – YHWH’s end-game is to restore that “Crossover Space” down here on earth.

FORGET the old notion of us flying away into ‘Heaven’ to live with God forever. Hebrew Scripture does not say that.

We are human beings…


According to Scripture – YHWH created a special place just for us!

He called it ‘earth’.




Hi Guys…

I know it’s been a while. I have been busy with life and all its excitement. Also – I am not rich beyond measure and have dived into work and other endeavours that add to my own (and others’) happiness…

Just in case you haven’t figured it out – I’m a creative man. I don’t create in order to become a millionaire (though that could be nice). I create because something is always bubbling in my mind and my expressions are the release of that bubbling. This includes writing (clearly), ranting, philosophising, singing, drawing (poorly, lol) and whatever else comes to mind.

I have the utmost respect for those of us that are in the music industry. The artists that regularly have to weigh up a choice between their art/message and paying their bills/satisfying a label or publisher get a salute from me. This is a choice that I refuse to make – so here I am! Unsigned, independent and not making a living through music.

I was in a reflective mood when I wrote this piece. I thought I’d share it with you all. Let me know what you think.
Hope you enjoy!



OK so I’m definitely going to struggle with pictures and videos on this blog aren’t I? lol

Soooo – PORN then; actually let’s not give it a cute nickname… PORNOGRAPHY!!!… What is it to you? Taboo? Hush-hush? Awesome? Liberating? Addictive? Empowering? WRONG?  The best thing, or the worst thing ever??

It’s a bit of a sticky subject really (see what I did there? My bad, couldn’t resist lol) – mainly because of the two opposing schools of thought. Those that enjoy it tend to provide reasons why it’s OK, and even good for you; – whereas people that are not comfortable with it or dislike it give reasons why it’s bad for your mental and physical health. Arguments on both sides are highly fuelled by emotion and personal preference; – but where (if available) is the evidence?

Ever heard of the ‘Coolidge Effect’? No? Neither had I. The Coolidge Effect is a phenomenon observed in animals where the males (and females to a lesser degree) express renewed sexual interest when introduced to new (novel) females. Basically, the original study was on rats. A male rat was placed into an enclosed large box with four or five female rats in heat. He immediately began to mate with all the female rats repeatedly until he eventually became exhausted. The females continued nudging and licking him (lolol), yet he did not respond. When a novel (new) female was introduced into the box, he became alert and began to mate once again with the new female. This phenomenon is not limited to common rats and has been observed in other mammals.

Those seeking to justify or explain men’s general tendency to pursue multiple sexual partners, use the Coolidge Effect as an explanation for this. They say that it’s an innate, totally natural response (to new females) for males to want to reproduce with them; – this explains why men produce sperm for their whole lives (which are generally shorter than women). According to this line of thought, men are biologically (and psychologically) driven to spread their seed throughout the earth and populate it in the same way that a bee spreads pollen or frogs spawn more frogs. We see this throughout the animal kingdom from fish, to birds, to lions and monkeys. Some go on to say that it is because of this biological response to brand new sexual partners, that men love pornography so much. Now this might sound like the porn-lovers are grasping at straws here and have found a credible support network by way of the scientific community. So how much observable truth is there in this theory?

A wise man once said to me that when it comes to sex, we are like cookers… ‘Men are like gas cookers and women are like electric-rings/hot plates. We heat up and explode into action, providing instant heat and light; – we turn on in an instant and cool down soon after our flame is out. Women on the other hand take forever to heat up. Once they do, their heat lasts for ages – way after  the current has been switched off.’

Correct me if I’m wrong but as a married man, I can testify to this truth. My guy friends all confess to clashes when it comes to intimate time with their spouses. The timings can often be all messed up. Between female body-clock issues, children and work/social schedules – it can be a real problem. You’re ready… They’re not ready… They’re ready… You’re not in the mood… etc, etc.

If you who are reading this blog is anything like me, you value and appreciate characteristics like honour, loyalty and respect. Whether you’re married, single, dating or somewhere in-between – you understand the notions of keeping your word, respecting people and doing things for people out of love for them. Consider this for a moment – you have a wife/husband, boyfriend/girlfriend… You have an understanding and an agreement between you that you will remain faithful to each other, not allowing anything to get between you both; – this includes people as well as activities like work, hobbies, Church and can even mean your children!

Whether you’re religious or not, you might have a moral code that prevents you from engaging in any sexual activity with anyone other than your ‘partner’. What does this mean? No intimate touching. No flirting. No spending excessive time with others or communicating with people inappropriately. Certainly no sexual activity – paid or otherwise!


Glamorous actresses at a ‘Porn Awards’ ceremony

Porn offers an outlet in a ‘grey-area’ of consensual agreement. In the case of heterosexual men – it can allow them to have a sexual release without ever physically cheating on their partners… But isn’t it still cheating mentally? As for religious or moral codes – watching porn is considered (by some) to be fostering a lustful nature and therefore ‘sinful’ and/or going against the natural order of life. Interestingly enough, the word that the Bible translates into English as ‘fornication’ is the Greek word – porneuo’ – meaning to ‘give your body over to unlawful sex’.

People argue that porn can have a positive effect on society in the same way that prostitution does. They say that pornography and prostitution offer an outlet for people that might otherwise commit rape and other sexual assaults when they have no outlet. This (in my opinion) is a major copout and stretch to make porn and prostitution seem okay. People are deranged. People have mental illness. People will violate other people. Sadly, this is the nature of some people. To say that ‘porn is good because it stops rape’ is like saying ‘guns are good because they stop killers’. Guns were made to end life. Whether you use a gun to defend yourself from an attacker, shoot a deer for food/sport or as a paperweight in your office at work; – this does not take away from or change the reason for its inception. Guns were created to KILL; just like pornography exists for the gratification of the viewer. Whether indulged in solo or with a partner – it serves a purpose and that is to encourage sexual activity.

We haven’t mentioned the core of what pornography is about – masturbation.

Masturbation is the point of porn. I have seen lots of articles online regarding this practice; lots of them promote masturbation as ‘healthy, natural and beneficial to those who practice it.’ However – a quick search in your favourite search engine online will show you that most articles that pop up actually deem masturbation as having a negative impact on sexual health. Here is one such article.

As for religious reasons for/against – I can personally speak of a viewpoint which I know of – the Christian stance. Basically – Yeshua (aka Jesus) said that we should be obeying the 10 Commandments; – two of which are ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery’ & ‘Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife’. In Matthew 5:27-28 He goes on to explain that even thinking about a woman in this way was actually breaking these Commandments. If watching pornography and indulging in self-gratification is not thinking about someone lustfully – I don’t know what is!

Now unless you’re living a life similar to the 3 in the above video, or you come from a culture where polygamy/polyamory is OK because you have an agreement – porn is an easy fix or band-aid plaster to slap across the wound/issue that is you and your sexual habits. It is reportedly highly addictive and offers a completely-incomplete replacement to real life, sexual interaction with another human being.

People say – ‘everything in moderation’… My opinion is that this habit does more harm than good. Like I always say with all things – QUESTION YOURSELF and ask yourself ‘why’ instead of ‘why not’?

Thanks For Reading…











So you call yourself a ‘Christian’ do you?

Here we go… I knew it wouldn’t be long before I spoke on religion in some way, shape or form. Since my blog on ‘Eostre’ – I have had many personal messages asking me to expand on this topic. Now although making people uncomfortable with my writing is not my aim; – I still have a mandate to speak on things that are on my chest. That said, this subject area is a rabbit hole that sucks you in and spits you out in the middle of a vast religious, cultural minefield. The only escape from such a place is to close your eyes as hard as you can, hoping to wake from it; – or by clicking your heels together thrice while saying, ‘There’s no place like home’, over & over, lol

Nah, all jokes aside – I really would need more than the mere 1300 words I try to limit these articles to… Even if I wrote a thesis on the subject, I may not come to a definitive conclusion on such a monster of a topic. SO – I’ll try to keep it brief.

(that’s approx 190 words gone!)

Let’s start by defining the two – then we can tackle them both individually.


Assuming we are all reading from the King James Version of the Bible; ‘Jesus, the Christ’ travelled around the land teaching people how to live according to the Commandments that Moses received from YEHOVAH (the ‘LORD GOD’ of the Bible) and passed on to the Israelites. He untwisted the fallacies that had befallen His people via the erroneous teachings of the Pharisees – Israel’s  ruling class at the time. His real Hebrew name was Yehoshua or Yeshua. He was of Israelite descent, from the tribe of Judah. We get the word ‘Jew’ from this. According to the Bible, Jews are descended from the Israelite tribe named JUDAH. ‘Jew’ is a shorthand word for the people descended from this tribe.

A ‘Crucifix’ – symbol of Christianity.

Yeshua (aka Jesus in Latin) performed miracles, healed people’s bodies and minds, and even cast out evil spirits (exorcisms). Following His crucifixion and resurrection, his remaining 11 apostles (plus Paul and a few others) travelled the land, teaching the people as Yeshua did – continuing His work and ‘spreading the Gospel’. 

Yeshua was a Jew. His apostles including Paul were Jews. But they were also Christians. They were ‘Christians’ because they were followers and advocates of the Christ’s (Yeshua’s) teachings. By definition, they were Jews by blood and Christian by faith. It was not Yeshua’s intention to make a new religion. It is believed that His coming was prophesied to the Jews long ago. He is believed to be the prophesied Messiah who came to set right, the way His people were living; because they were way off from the original plan and Covenant they had made with their God; Yehovah – many years before.



‘Christianity’ is a term derived from two root words, ‘Christ’ and ‘Christian’. Believe it or not, the word Christian only appears in the Bible 3 times. It was  used by two apostles: Luke (Acts 11:26 & 26:28) and Peter (1 Peter 4:16).

The word Christianity never appears in the Bible. Christianity is a religion instituted by the Romans – specifically the emperor named Constantine The Great. The story goes like this…

(long story but stay with me…)

Twin brothers Romulus & Remus suckled by Lupercal – a she-wolf. Romulus is said to be the founder of Rome.


Constantine was the son of a Roman military officer named Constantius. Constantius rose to become emperor of a quadrant of Rome. Upon his death in 306AD, his troops proclaimed his son Constantine as emperor in his stead. However, there was another claim for this position by the emperor of another, larger quadrant of Rome; his name was Maxentius.

For 6 years, the dispute between Constantine and Maxentius remained unresolved. Finally in 312AD, Constantine marched on Rome and met Maxentius’ army at the Milvian Bridge. According to Roman historian Zosimus, Constantine’s army was considerably smaller than Maxentius’ army (approximately half the number of troops).

Constantine was a pagan. The state-wide Roman religion was Paganism which is an amalgamation of the religious beliefs and practices of the people who Rome conquered. This made it polytheistic in nature. As Rome conquered the world, the enveloped nations all added their flavour to Roman life; – this composite culture was a mosaic comprised of different foods, music, philosophies and of course, religions. It is worth noting at this point that Jews and Judaeo-Christians both already co-existed at this time. The Christians were seen as a small but growing sect of people whose numbers started off being comprised of mainly Jews.


According to Eusebius of Caesarea and other sources, Constantine had a vision before going into battle with Maxentius in 312AD. He saw a vision of a cross made of light, with words above it. The words were: ‘in hoc sign vinces’ – ‘in this sign, you will conquer’. So, like any good pagan Roman would, Constantine took heed to this omen and ordered his troops to put a Christian symbol known as the Chi-Rho on their shields before going into battle. Against the odds, Constantine won the battle – taking over Maxentius’ territories. He later went on to become the first emperor of all the territories of Rome. He attributed this victory to the God of the Christians, IGNORING the usual celebratory sacrifices and traditions that came with victory in battle for Romans. Instead, he went straight into the imperial palace – with his thoughts alone. What follows is the steady process of how Christian living was replaced with ‘Christianity’…

‘Chi-Rho’ above Roman battle-flag

The next year, in 313AD Constantine and the emperor of the other half of the Roman Empire – Licinius issued an edict called the Edict of Milan. This law gave all the people of the Roman empire the freedom to worship whoever they pleased. Christians and Jews had been persecuted severely prior to this, so this neutrality of the State was felt the most by these groups. Freedom to worship Yehovah and thank Yeshua for His sacrifice included the usual prayers, singing and observing the Sabbath. (Bear in mind ‘Christianity’ didn’t officially exist at this time but there was a growing number of people that called themselves Christians) The property and monies confiscated from the Christians was returned to them by order of this edict. This allowed the Christian message to spread unhindered amongst the people.

On March 7th 321AD – Constantine issued the first ‘Sunday Law’. This effectively outlawed Sabbath-keeping as Christians and Jews knew it. Constantine called himself a Christian, so this ‘rest from work’ was actually a dark replacement for the true Sabbath which was instituted by Yehovah at Creation. This rest from work was in line with the Roman Julian calendar and their 7-day, perpetually cycling week. The Jews and the Christians were fully aware of the implications of this law and most of them refused to replace their practices with this Roman-instilled dark replica of the Sabbath; unless under threat of death; – and die, some of them well did.  It replaced the one obvious marker that the Hebrew people were known by – the Sabbath. As Sun-day worship and Sun-day rest became more popular; the Julian calendar gained strength as the ancient Hebrew calendar lost observance and support.

In 324AD, Licinius and Constantine battled and Constantine became the sole emperor of the entire Roman Empire. He called himself a Christian and throughout the years, Constantine’s Christian attitude and ideas were reflected by the laws made, favours granted and general support given to the Christians. This included tax rebates, special allowances, the design and construction of Church buildings and favour when granting governmental and official advisory positions to Christians.

But ‘Christianity’ still hadn’t had its official birth; – not the one that would see it to where it is today…

Roman god ‘Jupiter’ – king of the gods and god of the sky & thunder.

Constantine died in the year 337AD. Despite his profession to be of Christian faith and the numerous steps he had taken to legitimise and enlarge his beliefs; – much of the Roman Empire was not Christian. This included not only government officials, but the general population also. The Edict of Milan was in place and it meant that anyone could freely worship who/whatever they chose without fear of persecution. Traditional Sabbath observance was made illegal and this effectively meant that the original Christians could not worship Yehovah the way they believed they should. At this point, you were not breaking the law if you were not a Christian – unless you kept the true Sabbath. Christian, Jew or otherwise; – if you observed the traditional Sabbath and ignored the Empire-wide law to rest on the ‘venerable day of the Sun’ – you were committing an illegal offence.

Roman god ‘Saturn’ – god of agriculture, time and death.

Some people continued to hold on to their beliefs, some more-so than others. The nationally recognised festivals, sacrifices, customs and traditions were held fast to a large portion of the people throughout the Empire. Romans – including some converts to ‘Christianity’ still kept up with the major festivals such as SaturnaliaLupercalia and Eostre etc. At this point in time, to be a non-Christian was not a crime. Even Constantine himself, was not considered a devout Christian by today’s standards. His personal theology seemed to evolve during his time as Emperor. He raised his children in ‘Christianity’ and had Christian clergy as personal advisors; however he held on to the title, Pontifex Maximus until his death. Another example of his ‘duality’ would be the appearance of the Christian cross on Roman coins, while having the Roman god; ‘Mars Conservatoron there simultaneously.

Roman coin during Constantine’s reign as Emperor.

One of the things Constantine did to spread his faith among the people, was to give certain favours once they professed to being a Christian in Christianity. One such favour was tax relief. If you were not a convert to Christianity, you were taxed heavier than if you were; this paid for the building of Constantinople – the city that he built in his name in place of its predecessor, Byzantium. Constantine, ‘the first Christian Emperor’ also actively encouraged, advocated and taught the people to despise their old beliefs, their many gods, their temples and the idols & images they held. This led to a slowing of funds and thus, maintenance of the pagan temples and other religious buildings declined. Devout pagan and other religious communities died off; – instead Roman Catholic ‘Christian’ churches began to grow in number and with it – so did Church funds. Slowly, the old temples were not up-kept and gradually died off until Constantine began tearing them down – building Churches in their place.

Roman god ‘Mars’ – god of war.

It was not until 380AD when the 3 emperors of Rome, Theodosius I, Gratian and Valentinian I gave the monumental Edict of Thessalonica.

CHRISTIANITY would now not only have legitimacy (which it already had from the Edict of Milan), but much heavier weight on the world stage by virtue of the sheer size and extent of Rome’s territories. This Edict made ‘Christianity’ the official, national Roman religion across the Empire. Anything else was heresy.

So you see – social norms, a thoroughly mixed plethora of people and an absorbed, assimilated and Hellenised culture are all elements that have influenced the religion of ‘Christianity’ we see today. Now one may argue that they are Christian and that ‘Christianity’ doesn’t mean that to them. Here’s a question – does your opinion change the meaning of a word? If I use the word ‘NI**ER’ – does it change its meaning if I am Nigerian, English or Chinese? The origin of the religion first named (and currently known) as ‘CHRISTIANITY’ has not changed.

‘Christianity’ had a pagan birth and has lived a pagan life. It has evolved over centuries but its roots will never change. I believe that Yehovah is sovereign and is drawing those that love Him away from organised religion and closer to Himself.

‘CHRISTIANITY’ is a far-cry from what Yeshua, Paul and the Apostles originally taught; – as described in the Bible.

Here’s some rhetoric for you… Are you a Christian, or is Christianity your religion??




Wait – WHAT?!

Apparently the pen is mightier than the sword… But is it??

In recent weeks, the media headlines have been strewn with reports of violence throughout the country – particularly London. The strain of violence that was being highlighted is knife crime. According to Sky News on Fri. 19th May 2017 – 30 people had been stabbed to death in London, this year so far. Last year at the same time, 23 people had lost their lives in London in this heinous manner; that’s around a 30% rise since 2016.


So while it’s true that these murders are on the rise from last year; – has media coverage intensified prortionately this year?

I must say, that after loosely following Donald Trump’s campaign and his rise to the Presidency – it appears that the media coverage of Police killings of African-Americans played a role in his rise to the Oval office. He always promised to ‘make America great again’ didn’t he? Well where are those Police officers now? Are they killing less? Have the Police officers in question been arrested for murder? Perhaps they’re currently under investigation? Did the cops suddenly stop killing African Americans overnight?

Trayvon Martin, 17 RIP

If you tune in to alternative news sources such as, or even Al-Jazeera or WikiLeaks; – you will find that African Americans are still being killed by Law Enforcement in America. The difference is that now, this issue does not fit the agenda that mainstream news networks are currently covering. You will not see/hear about these killings unless you monitor Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media platforms. WHY??? Could it be that there is no campaign trail for political candidates to capitalise on? Hmmm…

Let us not underestimate the sheer power and unstoppable brute force of the media. Newspapers, websites and tell-lie-vision alone are media powerhouses that can (potentially) single-handedly control your opinion on things that you know nothing about and have no real tangible link to. Think about it… Is there really chaos in the streets of Venezuela right now? Did North Korea really launch a test missile on May 14th 2017? What about Bin Laden? Is he really dead? Or Ebola – as of 22nd May 2017 the contagion is up 800%. How do you know? How do you know ANY of these things are happening around the world? The answer to that question is simple – YOU DON’T. But you think you do. You have faith in the media – I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing or a good thing. It’s just a thing; – and such a thing is worth noting.

Genuine Nazi propaganda… ‘HITLER – Our Last Hope’

As much as I don’t want to admit it – I am heavily influenced by what I see/hear. Additionally, when different news companies, businesses or individuals that I respect (or not) share a belief; – and I observe the same story repeated overover & over again from different sources – it adds weight to it. This is how speculation quickly becomes ‘fact’ in our minds. Case in point: Nazi Germany in WWII.

On the night of 22nd May 2017 there was a terrorist attack by way of a suicide bombing in Manchester at a concert. We are told that this was claimed by ISIS and killed 22 people, injuring dozens more. QUESTION – was this really an organic terrorist attack?? When I say ‘organic’ I mean – was it really a force that serves its own agenda separate from the government? Was it really ISIS? Who are ISIS really? Who’s agenda does this awful attack serve? What are the implications of this attack on politics, legislation and Policing in the UK? Soldiers now roam the streets of major cities in the UK. The next step would be martial law and curfew. WOW.

No disrespect is directed at any genuine victims of this awful attack. Whatever the agenda and whatever the means – if innocent people, mainly children were killed/injured in this attack; – lives have been changed forever.

Answer me this – why did the Police allegedly run an anti-terrorist drill in Manchester just weeks before this attack? SEE ARTICLE

I’m just waiting for a political party to step up and offer a rousing solution to all of this as part of their campaign. At this time – any bold move will surely garnish the votes necessary to secure a win at the UK’s general election on June 8th 2017. Personally – my money’s on the Labour party despite their poor standings in the polls as of now (25th May). We shall see.

It’s getting very serious guys. Imagine we all stopped paying attention to the media… We stopped watching the news or reading newspapers. We stopped visiting websites and stopped contributing to ‘Snaps’ or FaceBook timelines and InstaVids… We just stopped. If someone commits an act of terrorism or a gang strikes in a local neighbourhood, we may not hear about it unless we were unfortunate enough to be there – or a close family member or friend tells us. We would be oblivious to world events but at the same time – there would be no stage for evil to grab the world’s attention.

This may not taste nice but it’s still food for thought.

‘…If you don’t read the newspaper, you are un-informed; if you do read the newspaper, you are mis-informed… Mark Twain said it better than me.





‘Have you met your STRAWMAN?’ he asked me casually.

‘My what??’ I asked, puzzled…

‘Your STRAWMAN. Y’know…? The paper YOU. Your digital self??

At this point I thought to myself, ‘Ah, here we go. Another Matrix-loving conspiracy theorist about to chew my ear off…’ #eyeroll

But instead of going off on a complete mad rant, he gave me a name to look up on YouTube, snapped the lid on my cappuccino firmly shut and bid me a good day. Needless to say I was pleased to continue my morning journey with a clear head and hot beverage in-hand. I must say though – I was a little curious…

Before we continue, please watch this 5min video. It’ll make this blog a lot easier to comprehend…

Now although this video is satirical in style; – the insidious truth is hard to deny once you begin to look into things. If you’ve been reading my blog, you’re beginning to know me. I am not one to let something slide back out of my crosshairs once it has appeared on my radar and piqued my interest. I decided to follow this proverbial rabbit down the rabbit hole…


Now I am in NO WAY a specialist in this field, neither am I a legal practitioner. I do however have a brain in my head and a mind to think for myself – at a pace not set by any institution or anyone other than myself.

The best place to start is knowing where in the world you are and how you are governed. The UK is a ‘Common Law’ jurisdiction. Common Law is comprised of criminal and civil law. It is constantly evolving and grows with each case that goes through the courts. Judgements are passed and new precedents are set upon the closing of every case.


Did you know that Laws are not necessarily the same as Acts of Parliament? An easy way to think of it is this – a Law exists in nature and is synonymous with basic Human Rights. Common Law can therefore be boiled down to the following: “Do not cause injury, harm or loss to another human being.” This is the basis of ALL criminal law. Ask yourself – where is the injured party? Who has been harmed? Who has suffered loss and how so? 

Acts/Statutes on the other hand are ‘bills’ that have been proposed to become Law. They are reviewed by members of Parliament before being sanctioned and passed as official Acts. Acts are very specific and pertain to the rules regarding a particular situation (offence), outlining the offence and setting guidelines on the enforcement of said offence. (See Here) 


A ‘society’ is most commonly described as, ‘…an organised group of persons associated together for religious, benevolent, cultural, scientific, political, patriotic, or other purposes’. Are you an upstanding ‘member of society’? How did you become a ‘member’? How come Gypsies/Travellers are not considered members of this society? Could society be considered a club? Membership of any club or ‘society’ is subject to club/society rules. Breaking these rules means facing consequences, in accordance with the club’s own rules and their accompanying punishments. See ‘membership’


Legalese is not a slang term folks. It’s a real language. The Law Society is the governing body for all law practitioners in the UK & Wales. The entire legal system uses the Law Society’s terms and definitions to govern and legislate itself and anyone that is part of the ‘society’ that belongs to the UK. The glossary or index which is used is called a Law Dictionary. The words inside this dictionary form a language – Legalese. EVERY TIME someone in an official capacity speaks to you, they are potentially using this language according to the definitions within the law dictionary; and not plain English as we know it. This can be VERY tricky, and has probably gone undetected by you ALL YOUR LIFE.

For example – someone gets arrested and the police officer recites them their rights. At the end of this the officer asks the arrested man/woman, ‘Do you understand?’ Now have you ever wondered what would happen if they replied, ‘No’? Would the arrest not stand? Would the arrest be delayed and then explained & explained & explained until they eventually understand and say ‘Yes’…? I don’t think so. 

You see we think that the officer is asking them if they comprehend the reason why they are being arrested. This is NOT what is happening here. The police officer is acting in an official capacity and has switched over to using Legalese without them knowing. What they are getting them to do is agree to the arrest and verbally accept (enter into contract) what is happening to them. According to Black’s Law dictionary, the word ‘Understand’ means to ‘stand under one’s authority…’ So when they say ‘Yes’ they are actually agreeing and consenting to the arrest. If they say ‘No’ this must be recorded. It can later be used in the person’s defence should they need it.

Another example of Legalese is the word ‘person’. Am I correct in assuming that you believe that you are a person reading this blog? Well what if I told you that legally, a ‘person’ is a legal personality and not necessarily a human being? You see this is what your Strawman actually is; – a PERSON. ‘Person’ definition #6 – ‘A human, corporation, organization, partnership, association, or other entity deemed or construed to be governed by a particular law’. So anytime you receive a parking fine, your ‘person’ (Strawman) is responsible for paying it. This is opposed to a flesh and blood human being or ‘living soul’. Notice how a naval Captain or a Pilot is responsible for ‘all souls on board’ rather than ‘persons’ or people… Interesting.


Basically, as far as I can tell a ‘Strawman’ is the virtual version of ourselves… The paper version. What has happened – is this system has us thinking that we are our ‘persons’ and our ‘persons’ are us. But we are not the same. That’s why the birth certificate is SO important to the government. With it (allegedly), a Trust Account is set up with the title, ‘MR’ or ‘MISS’ – followed by your CAPITALISED family name (known as a Surname). Welcome to society!!! Now you are subject to the rules of the society you now belong to (Acts & Statutes). If you break them you are subject to punishments which may include fines and/or imprisonment. When last have you read your birth certificate? I mean really read what’s written on it??

OK, I see an application number in the top right… Another serial number in the bottom left… A logo at the top and an official seal in the bottom right. It’s also printed on special paper known as ‘bond paper’ and contains a sigil of some description watermarked into the centre of the page. If this certification process is only about census then you don’t need a certificate printed on special paper with so many security features to do it. On top of that, notice that the parents have to physically fill this form in themselves – in ‘person’! A living soul has to physically be an ‘informant’ and snitch on their child to the government – adding a signature to authenticate the process. (Yes, this whole thing is bizarre!) I mean with everything being made available online now, digitally logged and trackable – if you have a child in a hospital do you think that if you don’t register the baby’s birth; the record of the birth will just disappear? HA! Not likely.

What if I wasn’t part of society? Could I do as I please because the ‘rules’ don’t apply to me? Well – hold on… What rules? The Common Law? Acts & statutes? We live in a Common Law state so that means that Human (natural and universally recognisable) Law rules. Therefore if I cause ‘injury, harm or loss’ to another human being – I can be judged and held accountable in a court of Law. If I have not caused injury, harm or loss – and there is no victim (victimless crimes) nobody should be able to take me to court.

Consider for a moment, the Travelling Community in the UK (Irish Travellers or Romany Gypsies).  These people are often ostracised and vilified as ‘trouble makers’ – sucking the lifeblood out of the ‘civilised society’ that is the UK. Now traditionally, many are not born in hospitals and from the ones that are; many parents have not registered their births (this is changing nowadays, especially with changes in legislation in 2017). Have you noticed that police don’t really want to deal with Travellers most of the time? If this whole Strawman Theory is correct then it would make sense that the legal system in the UK can’t deal with un-registered Travellers with no fixed abode because they are largely outside the jurisdiction of statute. So unless they commit a Common Law crime (cause injury/harm/loss), these people are untouchable because they are not part of ‘society’ and therefore Acts & Statutes do not and cannot be applied to them. No wonder the social agenda has always been to look upon them with disdain.

I don’t know all there is to know on this and trust me – there is A LOT! From your birth certificate, to money and its inner workings, to understanding Trust Law and driving without being subject to driving laws (Road Traffic Act) – there is an absolute ocean of information out there if you can be bothered to navigate it. The trouble is that all too often, the characters presenting the information have issues articulating their ideas; so the message gets lost in their unique delivery or quirky style.

Below are examples of  websites/videos to get you started if you want to take a peek down the rabbit hole… ENJOY!




A moment on the lips; – a lifetime on the hips…

Most of us love a sweet taste. Be it ice cream, chocolate, biscuits or a simple hard boiled sweetie; – we seem to find it hard to resist the common denominator in these treats… SUGAR!

In recent years, sugar has had a hard time in the media. They say that ‘the love of sugar is the root of all evil’. Well no, actually that’s money, – my bad lol. Sugar is blamed for a host of health issues though; from obesity and hyperactivity in children; to diabetes, osteoporosis and even cancer. So what is the actual problem with these white, sweet-tasting, magic crystals? Let’s go back to science class for a moment…

Sugar is a type of carbohydrate. Your body needs carbohydrates in order to create energy.  When digested properly, it’s either used to immediate effect – or converted into fat and stored around the body and (organs) for safe keeping until needed. Straightforward so far? Stick a pin right there……

What’s the big deal about ‘WHOLEFOODS’?

Wholefoods are literally that; – a whole food opposed to a partial food. ‘Processed’ or ‘refined’ foods have undergone a process to get them to the state which you receive them in.  It would seem that the food industry was being a bit sneaky when they decided to call this processed food ‘refined’. The word ‘refine’ implies that the food has been enhanced in some way. We refine gold, silver and other metals in fire to make them purer… We refine alcohol, making it stronger by distillation… When we strain anything of its impurities or ‘bits’ (like water or freshly squeezed juice) – this is refining also. So what about food then?

Well actually – the food refining process does not enhance the food nutritionally as much as it enhances the logistics of the business. You see, what it does is removes key elements from the food, extending its shelf-life. This allows the food to be transported along greater distances without going bad; – also, the food can sit on the shelf for longer, until they’re sold (see here).


Take white flour for example… White flour is refined whereas ‘wholewheat’ flour is not. Wheat is made up of three key components: bran, germ and endosperm. It is harvested and then sent through a process called ‘milling’.  White flour is the finely ground, endosperm portion of the wheat kernel. Removing the bran removes the fibre content from the flour, leaving it white. Removing the ‘germ’ takes away the nutrition of the wheat. The germ is the nucleus. It’s the reproductive part of the grain that ‘germinates’ and grows into the full plant. Wheatgerm is a concentrated source of several essential nutrients including Vitamin E, folate (folic acid), phosphorus, thiamin, zinc, and magnesium, as well as essential fatty acids and fatty alcohols. It’s the wheatgerm that causes rapid breakdown once the wheat has been harvested.


Refined white or brown sugar is not a wholefood. Sugar is removed from the juice of sugar cane (or sugar beets) by crushing the cane first, before heating it to the point that the crystalised residue is left behind; – this is what we call sugar. So why is it a problem? Well – what’s in sugar cane juice?

Nutritionally, sugar cane juice contains potassium, sodium and calcium. Unfortunately, these vitamins and minerals are completely lost during the ‘refinement’ process. That packet of sugar has absolutely ZERO nutritional value other than carbohydrate (see here). Interestingly enough potassium, sodium and calcium all play a major role in digestion.

Now here’s the wonderful thing about Creation (or nature) – everything seems to be perfect, by design. That piece of sugar cane you ate has the exact nutritional components needed within itself for your body to digest it. Your body is even more awesome. It recognises food types and creates the optimum environment for digestion and total absorption; releasing  various enzymes and hormones – exactly what it needs to make it happen. Your body, the most efficient machine on the face of the earth will always do what it must.


You eat a delicious, original glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut. As you take that first bite; your mouth springs water as your teeth connect and the gorgeous, soft, sweet pastry hits the roof of your mouth – and swirls around like an amazing, taste-tumble-dryer. The sugar in the glaze and in the highly refined white flour begins to be digested in the mouth by alkaline enzymes and then hits the stomach where little to no digestion occurs, due to the acidic environment. As it touches your small intestine, the alkaline environment activates digestion again as it travels along the length of it and moves through to your large intestine. (See carbohydrate digestion)

In all of this – where are the vitamins & minerals that are needed? Your delicious doughnut does not contain the potassium, sodium or calcium needed to break down the sugar in it. So what happens? Does your body not bother with it then? Does the sugar magically digest itself? Make no mistake; – your body is a beast at making light work of hard tasks. It still knows how much minerals it needs to digest the amount of sugar you have ingested and does provide them; but from where? YOUR BODY – that’s where!!!

Do you believe that osteoporosis, brittle bone syndrome and other calcium deficient illnesses are caused by not drinking enough milk? Really?? I offer you this theory…

You spend your life indulging in candies, sweet desserts and pastries, as well as gorging on sugary drinks. You don’t look after your teeth that well either. At 75yrs old you find yourself hunch-backed, on a bus with a walking stick and a mouth full of fillings/false teeth. Now you could argue that it is normal to grow old – and bone-thinning and muscle atrophy is just part of the ageing process. While it is normal to grow old (obviously), are we not products of what we eat?

Ernestine Shepherd – 81yrs old Guiness World Record holder

Annette Larkins – 75yrs old Raw vegan.

I challenge the notion that we must get bone disease and other chronic illnesses as part of our ageing process. As of 2 weeks ago, I have been eating just 1 meal a day – in the evenings. I have consumed NO JUNK FOODS, and no sugary drinks.

Senior woman eating raw, wholefoods

Active senior woman

I have lost 7.1kgs in 16 days with no exercise. I want this to be a lifestyle change and not just a fad diet. It’s so easy to pendulum-swing from diet to diet and go up and down in weight. At this stage I honestly feel as if I can sustain my 1 meal a day; – guess why??? NO SUGAR!!! Apparently sugar is responsible for those hardcore hunger pangs and cravings we all feel from time to time. Whether that’s true – I don’t know but I’ll tell you what; I go through the whole day eating nothing until the evening time. I drink around 4 litres of water throughout the day and have a GOOD meal in the evening. I HONESTLY DON’T FEEL BAD! I thought it would be way too difficult but once you get through 2 days; it gets easier and easier until it becomes normal life. You start off depending on willpower and then your body takes over because you feel no urge for food until the sun goes down…

My advice to you, (my beautiful readership) is this – consider cutting out all added sugar for just 7 strict days and see what effects you can feel in your mind & body. (see my blog, FOOD, FOOD, FOOD!)

If you are gonna give it a shot with me – leave me a comment below and we can trade secrets and techniques… All the best!




So what’s with all the media focus (or not) on vaccinations then?

Recently, I have had the great pleasure of knowing that close friends and relatives have become parents for the first time. The joys of parenthood are second to none. For those of you that are parents – most of you will agree that the sheer wonder at the creation of another life; along with having such a mammoth, lifelong commitment can be breathtaking at the least – overwhelming at the most.

One of the hottest debates surrounding newborns right now is whether we as parents should allow the government to vaccinate our children. More and more celebrities and people with louder voices than most are speaking out against the vaccination process, saying that it’s dangerous and can cause disease and life-changing conditions to take hold soon after being administered. So should we, or shouldn’t we? Well I was vaccinated, and look at me now?? (lolol)

What are the facts – either way? Let’s see what we can find…

OK – the main argument against vaccines is the possible link between vaccines & autism. According to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), ‘vaccines do not cause autism’ and ‘there is no link between vaccines and autism’. So if this is the official opinion – why doesn’t this myth just die?

Well – the conspiracy theories surrounding vaccines started in 1998 when medical journal ‘The Lancet’ published a paper by a former medical researcher named Andrew Wakefield. The report raised concerns about the combined Measles, Mumps & Rubella vaccine (MMR). Basically, what he said was that there was an apparent link between cases of autism and the MMR vaccine. He did not say that all vaccines were dangerous. In fact – he said that parents should continue with the single, separate vaccines for Measles, Mumps and Rubella but not the combined MMR vaccine.

Now a quick search on YouTube for ‘vaccines and autism’ showed me 4 out of the first 10 videos completely rubbishing the claim that the two are linked. Only one of these 4 videos attempted to appease me with actual science – testing and reporting. The other 3 ‘pro-vaccine’ videos mainly take a humorous approach, trying to appeal to my ego via satire and cynicism; – or they shift the focus of the matter at hand and go on a tangent, talking about social trends and the psyche of the people that don’t want to vaccinate and why they think that way.

Honestly? This has only made me more curious. Why is there not much actual scientific research available for me to look at? Why am I being made to feel like a quack or tin-foil, hat-wearing weirdo for even daring to think outside of government lines regarding the wellbeing of MY OWN child?! Just show me DATA. I am uninterested in your opinions or guilt-trips.

The pro-vaccine argument largely isn’t even really a pro-vaccine one. It mainly opposes ‘anti-vaccine thinking’ rather than promoting the use of vaccines. Additionally – you will find that the whole ‘anti-vaccine movement’ is said to be hinged upon Andrew Wakefield’s ‘debunked’, ‘falsified’ paper from 1998.

Now that would be fair enough and fine if it were true. There are however, literally thousands of testimonials from parents of children with autism that share the same identical story and timeline of the disorder. On top of that, pro-vaccine arguments speak nothing of the CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson and his historic statement released in 2014. This scientist and CDC employee systematically covered himself when he wrote to his superiors individually on several occasions warning them of his findings and concerns regarding his involvement in the research should his findings remain undeclared. Dr. Thompson’s claims kill the majority of the pro-vaccine arguments dead and literally throws EVERY PRO-ARGUMENT INTO DOUBT. See Here 

I would have expected the pro-vaccine YouTube videos that were made after 2014 to include the statement of a doctor that spent 16yrs of his career as a Senior Scientist and Epidemiologist at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Immunization Safety Branch). At the very least – I thought there would be a rebuttal offered against his claims but instead… AIR… Nothing. No one seems to want to deal with it. Do people even know it’s there? Is it being deliberately ignored? Bear in mind that as of right now (2017 – the time of this blog) we’re talking 3yrs that have past since Dr. Thompson blew the whistle.



The MMR vaccine was not introduced to the UK until 1988 – I was born nearly a decade before this. I asked my mum if I had received any vaccines. She can’t remember opposing any so yes, I probably had them. Remember though – 1) I would have had the individual vaccines – not the combined MMR one… 2) Even if I did have the combined MMR vaccine (later) I would have been way older than 12-18mths – which is when the schedule dictates that the vaccine be administered. Studies suggest that the onset of symptoms and subsequent diagnosis of autism is between 12-18mths old (the danger zone).

This is not going to be a long blog at all. I don’t want to tell you what to do regarding the wellbeing of your family. What I suggest is that if your family’s health is important to you; do the research yourself before consenting to anything – especially vaccinating your children. Look at arguments for & against. Find out what ingredients go into the vaccines and what the effects of those ingredients are on human life. Remember – there are many possible vaccines available for your child. Are they all dangerous? Which, if any are safe? What research is available on the safety of these vaccines? Who finances this research? Are there any financial implications on the production and administration of vaccines? Who manufactures them? The questions are many but only you can decide at what point you are satisfied with the answers you receive.

You can download a very informative documentary on this subject – Here. This video is being vetoed by ‘Big Pharma’ very aggressively. I tried to host it on my personal Dropbox account and it was banned. The current host site has to keep changing its URL to avoid legal proceedings. If you have trouble accessing this torrent site, send me a message and I will endeavour to personally send you instructions on how to retrieve it. Alternatively, here is a direct download link for the video (600mb). It glitches a couple of times but you don’t miss anything. At the time of this blog being published, this link works and is not blocked.

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