Hi Guys…

This is a short blog about a word. Well – two words in particular actually: ‘relation’ & ‘ship’.

The word relation is pretty straightforward as it describes the bond or association between things.

The word, ‘ship’ is a bit more complicated; – it has nothing to do with water-born, seagoing vessels. It is a suffix which is the derivative of an old English word meaning, “quality, condition, act, power, skill, office, position or relation between…” The Old English word was ‘sciepe’… In Middle English this became ‘schipe’. Anglian = scip. Dutch = schap. Proto-Germanic = skapaz (from skap) which means to create’. These are the same roots from which we get the words, ‘shape’, ‘sculpt’ etc. Examples of this suffix used in modern English are: lordship, craftsmanship, citizenship, fellowship, dictatorship, worship, ownership and more…  (scroll down to origin of ‘-ship’)

So essentially, when we use the word relationship we are speaking of a link that has been created or exists between two or more entities.

Among other things – I am a creative person. The song above is an offering I wrote about romantic love (eros) between a man and a woman (see previous post “A Word That Comes & Goes”). My wife was my muse and the subject for this song; I dedicate it to her. (Love you babe!)

Can you guess why it’s also called ‘Adam’s Song’? ANSWERS IN THE COMMENT SECTION.

Hope you enjoy guys. Let me know what you think.




It’s Mother’s Day here in the UK. Once again, being the contemplative soul I am; I’m here thinking about this day… Is it pagan at its roots? Does it go against any religious beliefs I have? Am I subscribing to some kind of social construct designed to sap me of my commercial energy by tapping me in to yet another consumerist trap?

‘Chill out Miikz. It’s just Mother’s Day. You love your mum, don’t you? Why not celebrate her and make her feel special?’ – say the voices of my friends and co workers…

Yes – I’m inclined to think this way; but still, similar to how I feel about birthdays – why can’t I make her feel special EVERY day?? Why does it take this special day to do it? Why do I have to join in with everyone else? Don’t we all have mothers? Why do we all have to do this on the same date? I haven’t done any research on this so up to this point, in this blog I can’t say that it has dodgy roots at its origin; – but the fact that it’s all done on the same day makes me think that it’s easier to commercialise it and make money on the usual things – chocolates, flowers, cards, perfumes etc. Am I one of the many sheeple in this world?


OK so here’s what I’ve just learned (I do this to make it easier for you guys that can’t be bothered)

In the UK, we observe what is officially known as ‘Mothering Sunday’. It is a religious observance in Christianity where on the 4th Sunday during lent (Laetare Sunday), Christians would take the day to visit their original or ‘mother’ church. This would typically be the church they originally ‘got saved’ in or where they were baptised. At the time, Biblical Sabbath observance (Saturday) had long been discouraged and replaced with Sunday worship. Young people and children that were household servants were given this day off so they could visit their mother church with their families; whom they often did not live with. Children would pick wild flowers along the way and give them to their own mothers when they were reunited for the day. This is where we get the giving of daffodils from as they are in bloom now. It was truly much of a public holiday. This practice is recorded as having taken place as early as the 16th century and is not to be mistaken for the American – ‘Mother’s Day’.

Mother’s Day didn’t come around until the dawn of the 20th century. It was nothing to do with Christianity or the church. In fact, it was the efforts of the  daughter of a peace activist named Ann Reeves Jarvis that started the Americanised, commercial Mother’s Day template that we see today.

Ann R Jarvis looked after and nursed soldiers on both sides of the American Civil War. She was reportedly a true humanitarian and so, upon her death in 1905, her daughter  Anna Jarvis continued her mother’s work by starting work clubs for mothers, and fought tirelessly to get a day nationally recognised in honour of all mothers. In 1914, Mother’s Day became a national holiday in the United States of America. It is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday in May.

Anna Jarvis’ idea of Mother’s Day was always about thought, notion and sentiment. It was not designed to have a commercial side at all. However, by the early 1920’s Hallmark Cards began selling cards to commemorate the day, despite Anna’s protest and vocal outrage; she even threatened lawsuit action and got arrested by protesting at an American War Mothers meeting in 1925.

So what we experience in the UK is a strange mixture of English religious tradition and American consumerism. With most things in my life, I let my conscience guide me. Assuming it hasn’t been seared with a hot iron and is undamaged; – I navigate this life by it. So – as of the time of the publication of this blog – I’M OKAY WITH MOTHER’S DAY.

Saying that, let us never forget others at this time. The people that have lost their mothers and are still grieving… The women that have lost children or would have been mothers to children that have passed away or were never born… The women that desperately want to be mothers but have been told that it is impossible for them…

We honour you at this time too!

May we forever live with empathy and be sensitive to each other – in love.

So mum, if you’re reading this – today, and everyday… I LOVE YOU!!!





I don’t know anyone that does not like food. I don’t know anybody that does not salivate at the thought of eating their favourite food choice. The flavours… The colours… The textures… The aromas… Mmmm… Chocolate…

So here’s the thing; – I want to eat what my tongue loves the taste of, without the consequences. Why can’t we have both?! It’s as if my very tastebuds are corrupt!!! I love the taste of opulence, luxuriousness, richness – but in a food format… Chocolate, cakes, ice cream etc are great but what really gets me are salty, savoury things like pies, pasties and carbs; like potatoes or pasta, cheesy goodness, sausage rolls etc. Woop-woop!

So something is wrong here. We are told that these foods are no good for us; and I believe them y’know? The voices, the food critics, the do-gooders, the health freaks and social justice warriors; along with the conspiracy theorists that preach about how the whole world is one corrupt wasteland, with an eye on sapping me of my commercial energy (money), in a bid to feed on it themselves; – Matrix-style.

So here’s a question – WHY DO WE DO IT TO OURSELVES???

Is there something wrong with us? You know that when you eat cheese you get a crazy stomach ache, mad flatulence and a runny, smelly toilet experience…

But do you love and still partake of a Dominos pizza? YES!!! You have even found these pills on the market that stop the effects of cheese and general dairy intake. Personally, I used to love making Digestive cereal. This was ‘milk & cookies’ x100. Basically, get 10-12 Digestive biscuits and break them up in a cereal bowl. Next – add milk and let them soak before mashing them up into a Weetabix looking mixture. ENJOY! 

Throughout my childhood I loved snacking on Maryland cookies and milk. Slowly, as I got older I experienced stomach aches and adverse reactions to this delight. See, back then there was not such a thriving health-conscious community; – neither was there masses of such information online. Today, your average child of school age knows what it means to be lactose intolerant. Here’s the thing – we don’t care! We just want what we want and must have it!

Forget the pain… Forget the bloatedness… The nausea… Something’s gonna kill us one day right? Lots of people smoke, drink alcohol and have unprotected casual sex without a care in the world; knowing of the possible dangers but refusing to believe that we might be unlucky or suffer the consequences one day. Also, we somehow think that we have ultimate control over the ways our bodies change…

Even though as we get older we see and feel changes – we are in denial. Our hairs grow grey, we gain weight in places we don’t want to, our joints ache and we get cold when we never used to. What’s the first thing we think when someone suggests that we might be allergic to milk? “Naaaaah! I’ve been drinking milk all my life.” So don’t we change? Don’t we morph into 20, 30, 50, 70 year old adults? Why don’t we listen to ourselves??

Maybe we should listen to our body’s cries for help. Do you think that anything just ‘happens’? See I believe that everything in our bodies happen on purpose and nothing occurs by accident. Every pimple or zit. Every hair that turns grey. Every ounce of fat, every twitch or contraction, every itch or shiver and every hot or cold flush we have… It’s all happening for a reason. Cause & Effect.

So when we get a horrendous spot on our nose – what causes it? Well – we know that when this pimple bursts, inside the pus are a combination of grease and oils as well as enzymes, hormones, dead skin and bacteria. Now I have heard (several times now) that the reason we get spots in the first place is because we don’t drink enough water. While that sounds like a stretch or a scary tactic to get people to drink more water; could it hold some truth in a round about way? Apparently there are obvious orifices available from which the body pushes waste material. These include all of the obvious routes (anus, urinal tract, mouth, nose, eyes, ears) plus the pores in our skin.

What happens when all exits are blocked? What if your body recognises material that shouldn’t be within it and decides to get rid of it anyway? It can’t get to any of the obvious routes out because of where it has discovered this hazardous material; – and its usual route out via the lymphatic system is blocked… What then?! Boom!!! Out directly through your skin it goes.

Hence why drinking more water could help to keep our lymph nodes clear. This is one of the more obvious physical reactions that we go through but perhaps pay little notice to. What about the more undocumented responses like the feeling of fear?

When you go to the sexual health clinic they say that ‘no news is good news’ and they’ll only contact you if there’s a problem (apparently, because I have no personal experience of such things, lol). So when you’re driving to work 2 days later and your phone rings as the number you’ve saved in your phone as ‘G.U.M. DOCS’ flashes up on your screen – why do you nearly crash and swerve as you frantically pull over to take the call?? What is that nervous feeling you feel in the pit of your stomach? Did you make it up? Is it a figment of your imagination or are you feeling physical feelings which you can’t quite quantify?

Sweaty palms… That feeling of fear you feel when your mouth goes dry, your fingers go cold or the hairs on your forearm or the back of your neck stand up and your breathing goes shallow… It could be before an exam, or an interview, or upon receiving a letter from the solicitor’s – it is a definite biological response to events in your life.


It’s a wonderful thing you know? Our bodies. Accept the fact that you can’t control it completely. It’s working tirelessly to stay alive and in good working order. How many of you take the time out to do breathing exercises for example? I bet none of you know how many breaths you’ve taken since you began reading this article!? We don’t appreciate the automatic processes involved in sustaining life in our bodies. Sure – you can hold your breath for 80 seconds but can you force digestion at will? Go on. Try it! Drink a litre of water and wee it straight back into the bottle. I’ll give you 3mins.

No but seriously, it’s a shame that we take so many years to begin to take stock of our bodies. It’s not until we realise that things are going wrong that we decide to change before things get even worse. We take life for granted. Only when we realise that we may not be here for as long as we’d expected or hoped that we decide to try to elongate our time here on Earth. We usually try it by artificial means like operations, pills, injections and magic elixirs of life.

From birth, we all are dying. Our time here on Earth is not infinite. Everything we do either adds or subtracts time from our hours here. If I were you, when it comes to food I would let Every. Bite. Count.

Thanks For Reading!




Don’t you just hate it when……. (in no particular order):

1Poor Cashier Etiquette. You pay cash and the cashier gives you your change by placing the note in your hand with a bunch of coins on top of it; or they give it to you crumpled up already. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. Even worse is when you courteously hand them your cash or card and they return the notion by putting the card or your change on the counter! I feel like they hate me. I feel like they think I am scum and don’t even want me to make the purchase. They’re probably racist (a leap, perhaps). They can’t even be bothered to do me the courtesy of handing me my change or card like I did to them. It’s a matter of respect. It’s a matter of humanity. It’s a matter of life & death (hmmm, maybe not, lol). As I hand over to the cashier, my hard-earned cash; – hours of my life along with the effort of my thoughts, words and deeds are monetised and slipped into the till as a portion of my sweat is disrespectfully thrown back to me across the counter… To combat this, now – I quickly extend my hand to receive it, making it impossible to put my card or change on the counter without coming across extremely and blatantly rude. I have yet to experience someone flagrantly ignoring my open palm to put the change on the floor, sorry – I mean counter. We’ll see…

2Speaking over me in a conversation. I’m not talking about excitement or a sudden gushing of thoughts in a moment of fleeting joy and interest. This is not a monologue, announcement or speech. This is not a ‘monversation’. This started as a 2-way exchange of thoughts, ideas, opinions and notions. We gave each other accounts from our memory and recalled previous conversations and experiences… Now I’m sitting here 20mins later with the phone on the coffee table and you on loudspeaker as I skim through and decide what I’ll be watching this evening on catch-up TV. To avoid this I set my monvo-analysis monitor to ‘high’. If I sense a monvo coming on – I stop talking and frustrating myself by trying to get a word in edgeways; rather – I let the person rant, vent or whatever and slip into auto-response that shows active listening. ‘Mmm, yeah… Right… OK… Uh-huh… Wow… OK… Yeah… Sure, sure…’. Works a treat every time!

3BULLYING. For those that know me, I am the owner of what most people would call a SUPERSIZED frame (body). I currently weigh in at 28st (178kg/392lbs). At 6ft 3″ – my doctor says I am classified as ‘morbidly obese’. Granted, I’m no Greek statue of the gods but I would say that I have a muscular physique. Bullying is wrong on all levels. There are several types of bullying but they all mostly boil down to the victim’s ability (or rather, inability) to defend themselves. My thing is this – if I, (a man that has chosen not to use my physical size & strength to dominate and bend others to my will) can go through life without bullying others – HOW DARE ANY ONE ELSE??

When ‘little guys’ come up to me and say things like, ‘If I was your size, no one would mess with me’ – I just roll my eyes and thank God that the world isn’t subjected to this person’s ‘short man syndrome’. Imagine they did have my size?? YIKES! I guess that’s what a ‘big bully’ is in an alternate reality somewhere…  It’s not just physical dominance that we have to be aware of either. Sadly, there are people in this world that use their intelligence, quick wit and extensive vocabulary to belittle, embarrass and generally make people feel stupid and less intelligent than themselves. Now you might be reading this and get an inkling that I am capable of defending myself very well against evil-tongued, sharp-witted bullies. How astute of you! When the words from my mouth enter the unsuspecting ear of such persons for the first time, they are startled that such an articulation could escape my lips; – further evidence of their primitive, prejudiced mind and poor judgement. No doubt, one day these bullies will meet their match. I hope for their sakes that the lessons they learn from their behaviour doesn’t leave any scars.

4PUBLIC TRANSPORT. Where do we start?? Overcrowding? Poor hygiene first thing in the morning? No consideration for others? Bad breath? This list is extensive… Let’s put the track and service operators aside for a moment; we know the trains could be bigger, the seats could be bigger, there could be air conditioning and better heating, the service could be generally more reliable etc, etc, etc… We all know it. What gets on my nerves is the lack of consideration some people have for others. I know it gets tight in the mornings on the train but if you find yourself crushed up against me, maybe you could do something to break the ice? A little smile or a shaking of the head in mutual disdain? An apology even? And how about sorting out your oral hygiene? Do you know that your breath is making the whole carriage unbearable to breathe right now? If you have a medical condition I understand that – and most likely, you do too; – which is why I expect you to forever be chewing a piece of gum and walking with a pocket-sized mouthwash… Ladies – don’t you just HATE it when people lean on you inappropriately? You can almost (and literally) feel them breathing on you as they think perverted thoughts. A stiff elbow and quick readjustment of your angle should rectify the situation sharply… And then there’s the highly annoying, ‘Can you move in please??’ announcement that prospective travellers make as they stand longingly on the platform, wishing they were on the train. Just wait for the next one. Sorry… And you rucksack wearers – take it off! Don’t you realise that people’s legs are smaller than their torsos? If you took your rucksack off your back and put it on the ground or held it in your hands – you would alleviate space up top and maybe another person could get on the train… Children! Parents, please, please, please control your children. Don’t let them run riot on the bus or train. It is highly annoying and makes the journey unbearable for other people… Then there’s people eating strong smelling food… People littering… Drunk, disorderly behaviour… Smoking… The list really does go on. I sum this one up with one thing – CONSIDER OTHER PEOPLE!!!

5Taxi Drivers. Generally, I dislike taxi drivers. I don’t trust them. Now I’m not being ignorant or prejudice without cause here; but they always seem to try to rip me off. I have no problem shutting down their fake efforts to be friendly and generate empty conversation in a bid to distract me. They are sneaky creatures… They do everything they can to make the journey as long as possible. Mileage is the winning ticket. After that it’s waiting-time.

From taking the scenic route, to using dodgy apps (like WAZE) that send you on questionable route choices, – to driving really slow in hopes of catching red traffic lights; I’ve seen it all. The thing is that I am also a driver. I mainly catch cabs when I can’t drive that day for whatever reason. Usually it’s not for a brand new journey. So when I get this guy trying to tell me the ‘best route’ for where I want to go, not knowing that I have driven the journey every morning, 4 times a week for 5 yrs; – it ticks me off a little. You have to be on guard. I’m probably one of those annoying back seat drivers; – I find myself telling the driver to switch lanes to a quicker lane because I know driver behaviour according to where we are on our trip – and what time of day it is. For example, sometimes the slow lane on a dual carriageway is the fast lane and vice-versa. You can’t fall asleep. Once, I made the mistake of falling asleep in an Uber. OMG… I woke up in the middle of what turned out to be a 12 mile detour because the M11 was closed! Not my driver’s fault but I felt like it could have been because I was not awake to see if he made an error or not… Solution?? Drive yourself, stick with public transport or earn enough money so that you can afford to pay dodgy cabbie’s extortionate rates, lol.

I’m sure I have more Pet Peeves – these ones came to mind the quickest. Maybe I’ll do a part 2 soon… TELL ME – do you have any Pet Peeves? Use the comment box below.

Thanks for reading guys!




Yeah I said it!

Ever heard of ‘Cognitive Dissonance’?



Case. In. Point.

Lots of you would have clicked on this blog entry with a vague idea of what it might be about. Mostly not though.

Cognitive Dissonance Theory was proposed by psychologist Leon Festinger in 1956. In his book A Theory of Cognitive Dissonance, Festinger explained, ‘Cognitive dissonance can be seen as an antecedent condition which leads to activity oriented toward dissonance-reduction; just as hunger leads toward activity oriented toward hunger-reduction.’

So what does that even mean?? Basically, ‘cognition’ is to do with your thought process, ideas or notions – and ‘dissonance’ is a lack of agreement or inconsistency between one or more things. So Cognitive Dissonance (CD) is the feeling that one experiences when they are presented with information that clashes with information they already have and hold dear.

An example of CD would be this…

Say a Creationist believes that God created the universe – at a time when the world believes the same thing. Time goes on… World opinion and society changes its mind. So now, according to modern science there was in fact a Big Bang; and this is what caused everything to come into existence; not a supernatural deity or Supreme being.

The Creationist experiences CD and tries to eliminate it as soon as possible. How so? Either by switching beliefs and going along with the status quo, or he could choose to deny this Big Bang Theory outright, clinging tightly to his Creationist belief…

A third option is this; – he could absorb this new information into his already held beliefs i.e. – ‘God created the universe. In the Bible, when He said, ‘Let there be light’ – the Big Bang was the light so yes – the Big Bang Theory is correct.’ You see what happened there? Rather than explore the new information and debunk it if necessary; this Creationist accepts and absorbs the new information, accommodating it by changing his own beliefs slightly. His beliefs still stand… AND he is still in line with modern science… Balance is restored!!!

I see nothing wrong with a little CD.

Cognitive Dissonance causes us to carve, shape and define our beliefs one way or another. Most of us don’t like the feeling of being unsettled mentally. We like to make sense of our thoughts because it makes us feel mentally strong and unwavering. We like to speak with confidence and assertion. We don’t like to have our paradigms shifted but if we value hard truth over comfy lies – we will endure the tough process of reviewing what we think we know.

Having a keen interest in Science, I remember learning in school what a ‘FACT’ is. A scientific fact must be the following:

  1. Observable
  2. Repeatable
  3. Verifiable

If we agree with the above definition on what a fact is – we quickly realise that there are very few facts out there. There are lots of opinions though. Some of these opinions hold heavy weight due to who’s they are i.e. specialists or qualified professionals; but still – if they are not facts, they are OPINIONS.

We live in an age where we only seem to value facts. People’s opinions mean less and less because we would rather trust cold, hard, empirical evidence than what a person reckons. I don’t think there is anything wrong with trusting people’s opinions. Trust (or faith) is what makes us human and not robots. Our intuition, our gut instincts, our perception – these are the things that make us uniquely equipped to make decisions without waiting for a computer read-out on the probability of what is going to happen next, according to what we decide.

If you want to believe something – fine.

Identify that thing as fact or opinion and stand strong in that. Know why you believe it rather than just going along with what everyone else thinks like a mindless sheep. For starters, any historical event can never be a ‘fact’. You can’t observe, repeat or verify it!!! So you can only decide to believe the evidence presented, one way or another.


Evidence is not proof. I can explain this simply… In a court of law, the prosecution presents something to back up their case; – evidence. Guess what the defence presents to back up their case… That’s right – evidence! So you can’t have two opposing sets of ‘proof’. Evidence is just evidence; – FAITH is the determining factor in a court of law. The judge/jury look at both sets of evidence and decide where they put their faith. The outcome 100% relies upon convincing them one way or another.

The next time you hear something you think is ludicrous like ‘the earth is flat’, or ‘the moon landings were faked’ or ‘the government is killing us via vaccinations’; – try asking yourself what you believe on the said subject and the reasons you have that point of view. If it’s simply that you’ve got that opinion because you were taught that way and everyone else thinks that way and it’s too big of a lie for so many people to believe; – try digging a little deeper.

You might be surprised at what you find.

The truth is stranger than fiction.




LOVE – a word that comes and goes; but few people really know what it means to really love somebody…” – Kirk Franklin


English, the language you are reading this message in is quite a basic one when compared to other languages – both past and present.

Take Ancient Greek for example. There is no direct translation for the English word – ‘Love’. Instead, there are the words, eros, phileo, store and agapeo. Eros describes feelings of a romantic or sexual nature. Phileo is love between friends. Store is the naturally occurring love that exists between parents and children. Agapeo is the “love of God” – unconditional and bearing all things.

Last week, the repackaged, re-branded pagan festival of Lupercalia aka Saint Valentine’s Day came and went. Many of us went out and spent exorbitant amounts of money to objectify and exalt our subjects, wives, husbands, girl/boyfriends; – all in a bid to let them know how much we love them and how special we think they are.

At this point I could talk about the spiritual implications of observing such a practice but I think I’ll save that for a later post; – as you can imagine, that subject area is MASSIVE!

Spirituality aside for the sake of this article, tell me – how important is celebrating Valentine’s Day to you? Is it an irreplaceable indication of your love for someone special? If you are in a relationship and you do nothing to commemorate the day – is this a problem? Or at the least, a little disappointing? (use the comment box below)

As for me – I have a clear and defined understanding of who I am and what I should/shouldn’t be aligning myself with spiritually. As such – I do not celebrate or observe Valentine’s Day. This doesn’t mean I do not cherish my wife. In fact – I’m hoping she will read this and get back to me. If she doesn’t feel loved and cherished all year round – I’m not doing my job correctly!

But seriously though – ponder for a moment how modern society has governed our minds and systematically controlled our opinions…

If we don’t engage in popular social customs we are made to feel weird and second-class. I currently live in the UK. In recent years there has been an agenda pushed by the government  to celebrate what it defines as being British.

According to OFSTED (government regulatory body: Office for Standards in Education), the 4 core British Values are: democracy; the rule of law; individual liberty; mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.

This is something that is being pushed throughout society – especially in our schools, colleges and other institutions of academia. It’s worth noting that children are taught what to think (to a point) long before they reach the age of 11. These are the people most likely to be writing and passing our laws, as well as having children of their own in as little as 20 years hence (or less)… 


QUESTIONS – How many times has someone told you that they don’t celebrate Christmas or birthdays? Or that they are vegan? Or that they are not religious but they believe in the power of the universe? Or how about this – they believe in the sacred nature of blood, so they won’t give/receive it; ergo risking death rather than undergo any blood or organ-swapping procedures?

What have you thought? I know what I have thought of such people.

Strange… Anarchists… Brainwashed, sociopathic or hermitic people trying to be different for the sake of being different, without a real root cause. I always thought these people were just rebellious and had problems with authority… They probably had issues in their families and with the law growing up.

According to the above values, this was not very British of me.

It’s only as I have grown older and wiser that I not only dare to disagree with the status quo but I also put into action, my beliefs (whatever they may be).

As a result, respect for people that have different views to my own; materialised instantly. I increasingly find myself the recipient of either – raised eyebrows and open mouths in surprise… Or furrowed brows and pursed lips in contemplative thought.

I find that both responses matter less and less to me everyday.

The more I dig within myself to get to my core… The more I challenge and question my ideals and motives; – is the more comfortable I become in my skin.  So if you want to know more about me, ask questions. If you’re not really interested – don’t. It’s OK. I feel no pressure to get you to change your viewpoint or get you to “join my gang” as it were. I just ask that you be open with your judgements so I can identify you quickly and keep it moving.

Soooo… I’ve made the decision to boycott this ‘love-day’ in favour of taking the “I love you everyday of the year” approach. Mrs. Miikz says she understands and accepts it but I knoooooow she’s watching me. I need to make sure I keep my end of the bargain. If that’s what I’m saying – I need to be true to it;

and so do the REST OF YOU GUYS that quote the highly predictable, “I don’t need a stupid, commercial holiday to show my love for you babe…” lyric. (eyeroll)


While I’m at it, I’m boycotting all birthday celebrations as well (including my own). Might as well strike the iron while it’s hot, eh? If you know the date on which I was born – call my mum and thank her for my life like I do!!!

I just need to make sure that I buy gifts and carry out random acts of kindness and appreciation for my loved ones throughout the year. Speaking of which – I think I’m due one soon, especially as the anniversary of my wife’s birth is coming up… Must dash!!!

REMEMBER – love each other as if your own life depends on it…




In the UK, without money – you DIE. Literally.

If money is not spent on your existence, you will cease to exist.

Not so sure? Let me paint you a picture devoid of expenditure…

Imagine yourself being made homeless one day. Nowhere to live. Let’s be nice and make it summertime so it’s not too cold at night. Where do you sleep? Not at a friend’s or family member’s because they spend money on a mortgage or rent for their home. You can’t stay in a homeless shelter because money is used to maintain it – the overheads, bills, staffing, provisions, food and amenities all cost money…

So you either sleep rough, in shop doorways or in a field somewhere making use of the trees, bushes, natural shelters etc… You see where I’m going with this? You
can’t even eat right. You beg for food but again – the food you receive has been purchased with money. This is the UK  – the streets aren’t lined with mango trees, coconut trees or banana mangroves.

If you cannot eat – you die.



So, let’s talk about money and how this system has been set up to our detriment. I want to focus on this with specific regard to the uprising violence in the “Black Community”…

I remember in the late 80’s – early 90’s when there was public outcry. The growing opinion was that the music that young people listened to at the time had a direct influence on their behaviour. This spanned the entire cosmopolitan demographic of American culture, though when it came to violence – a direct relation between genres of music such as “gangster rap” and gang-related violence was noted in local Black communities. White America was silent for a while regarding this but as soon as little Scott, Harry and Sally started taking class ‘A’ drugs and acting out; – it became an all-inclusive, national problem.

MTV was the main protagonist and was blamed almost wholly for the rise in dysfunctional youth. Not only was music with violent, anti-social themes played on radio; the television played videos of these songs; acting out and visualising the lyrical content. Acts of violence, sexually graphic images as well as a glorification of opulence and lavishness flooded the airwaves and the young minds of the nation, and the world.

Fast forward 30 years to 2017 and this has not changed.

Most videos from rap, hip-hop, and R’n’B embellish a lifestyle that embodies satisfaction, and happiness. From wild parties in expensive mansions to fast cars and yachts; the underlying message is that the lifestyle exemplified is the epitome of success. This is supposedly the end product of hard work and grinding by whatever means.

One of the codes that run under this musical subculture is ‘keeping it real’. Keeping it real meant that you could tell your genuinely gritty story. Artists could speak about their rise to notoriety freely, without being legally accountable for their tall tales of criminal involvement which may stem from extortion to violence and murder, or from drug sales and pimping. Artistic licence is now stretched to its limits. This ‘art’ is now not only part of the track lyrically, – it’s also glamourised in the accompanying music videos.

QUESTIONS – Who owns these record labels? Who pays artists advances on their unit sales for their music? Who ultimately decides what music is heard by the public and the impressionable youth?

The UK rap scene is represented by a sub-genre called ‘Grime’. This type of storytelling is centred around the urban lives of impoverished but talented young people. The stars of this genre speak directly to the hearts of the youth that in turn, aspire to be them one day. By hook or crook they spend every waking moment writing/reciting lyrics and developing their craft of producing and beat-making behind a computer screen, hoping that this hard work will one day collide with good luck and destiny.

For those media studies buffs out there, remember the Hypodermic Needle Theory? It would seem that this is a very true phenomena. The media is a very powerful thing. Go look up the 1938 radio broadcast of Orson Wells – ‘War Of The Worlds’ and see a perfect example of the power that the media truly wields.

If this HNT is true, why is the public being injected with things that seem to be sending society into a state of devolution? Why is music filled with violence when it has been shown that minds as impressionable as the young ones that are committing violent crimes; can be directly affected by the words and images therein? Is there an agenda at play here? If so, who’s agenda is it? Do you believe that trends in society, fashion, musical tastes or language etc have a pure and natural/organic pattern of growth?

I can’t wear clothes that haven’t been designed… I can’t drive a car that hasn’t been invented… I can’t eat a meal that hasn’t been cooked… I can’t listen to music that hasn’t been written. None of these things happen without human effort or interaction. Demand cannot control supply. If supply does not exist, demand will shift its attention elsewhere.


Most of us have heard the saying, ‘sex sells’ right? Well what if there was no seller? What if there was no one greedy, desperate or willing to sell their body for a price? Who is in control here? The seller or the buyer? One thing’s for sure – if there was no product for sale – that would be the end of that; before it even began!


I’m trying hard to not name names here ok?

Ever wondered why ‘Black’ artists that promote love, good vibes or a real life story that doesn’t glorify drugs/violence don’t get big record deals or much of a platform to be heard?

I can personally think of a bunch that have either gone in another direction or sadly, have given up entirely.

Don’t take my word for it… Within the UK rap scene, think of the biggest artists you’ve heard of and go and study their lyrics. Check their videos. What are they promoting? What messages are these artists sending to young people? These are artists that have ‘made it’ and this is what they choose to say. The subliminal message and automatic assumption is this – to make it you say what they say – after all, they’ve made it!

Just over a week ago (early Feb’ 2017) there was a video going around of a Black man in his late 20’s standing outside of a house party he had sent his 14yr old daughter to. He had just been inside the party and confiscated 3 knives from the youths inside. One of these knives was a fully blown Crocodile Dundee assault knife with a 12″ blade!!!



  • Where did they get the idea to walk around with a knife like that from?
  • What would they do with a knife like that in an argument or scrap (as boys often get into)?
  • What kind of music do they listen to?
  • Are these artists FORCED to make music that pushes such high levels of negativity?
  • Would they get record deals if they didn’t?
  • Which of these artists would risk not doing so well commercially by not putting out or promoting the kind of music that is literally infecting, poisoning and killing their own people?






Finally decided to have a blog. Is that how you say it? “Have a blog”?? Or is it “Keep a blog”?? “Do a blog”?? Anyway – after months of putting this off, resisting my friends and myself – here it is.

Just found out what ‘Blog’ means, lol… It’s a “Web-Log” of whatever you feel. Quite random really (if you believe that randomness exists), to think of something then just write about it. This blog is an account of some of the things that I’ve learned and unlearned on this side of life.

So here are the rushing, swooping, slowing, cascading emotions of a manTranscending time, space and reality; – nothing moves faster than the speed of thought.


It’s important that you know that. I intend for these thoughts, notions, ideas, feelings emotions etc to be true and personal expressions. If you are offended by them, please know that this is not my intention; – unless it IS my intention! I will let you know… lol

I see life as a journey. On this journey I shall cover vast distances while moving through different terrain. As a living, breathing human being I shall learn, love, make mistakes, fall down, get back up, slow down, quicken pace, change course and change my mind from time to time.

On this journey we call life, if your perspective doesn’t change; you’re probably not going anywhere.

I hope you enjoy your time here with me.